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Inkjet printing power booster digital printing _ pine company rapid development, digital printing, inkjet, offset printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
With the progress of social science and technology and the ink jet printing technology becoming more mature, in the next few years, digital printing market or will usher in rapid growth, market share will surpass traditional printing. According to the well-known research firm pine ( SmithersPira) Disclosure of new research report shows that global digital printing market value rose by $131. 5 billion in 2013 to $187. 7 billion, 2018, five years between the annual compound growth rate of 7. 4%. Digital printing market accounted for the entire printing market share will be from September in 2008. Increased to 8% in 2018 to 20. 6%, mainly because of growth, with the rapid development of ink-jet printing technology. At the same time, the traditional offset printing market will see a decline in the market, and show the obvious is rotary offset printing field. Digital printing market value will continue to expand pine company name for the report, '2018 years ago on digital printing and traditional offset printing development survey, it described the printing enterprise service providers face in the future to PK problem between the traditional offset printing and digital printing will be very frequent, they often need to live a special thing is the traditional printing or digital printing machine for production and to make a decision. In 2008, all digital printing output value accounts for only 18 of traditional offset printing market value. 5%, is expected to reach 50% by 2018, in some mature markets that figure may be even greater. Digital printing than traditional offset printing output share is smaller, the everything via digital printing products, the unit price is higher than the traditional offset printing. From 2008 to 2018, 10 years, the global traditional offset printing amount will decline. Amount of 2%, while digital printing is expected to increase in 68. 1%. From 2008 to 2018, the traditional offset printing and digital printing in the entire market output and output ( Numerical sequence from top to bottom is: the sheet-fed printing output/yield, rotary thermosetting printing output/yield, cold rotary solid printing output/production, electrostatic printing output/yield, ink-jet printing output/production) Digital printing technology development of obvious advantages offset printing technology and digital printing technology the pace of development will continue at the same time. The improvement of productivity and expressiveness makes digital printing lower operating costs. Digital printing can be instantaneous live parts processing, no need plate making, make the product more short processing cycle. This has prompted many printing enterprise in the future to introduce digital printing presses in order to realize the production operation mode of state. One of the digital printing technology innovation point lies in the substrates can handle range is very wide, which provide the premise to upgrade the printing enterprise business conditions. Pine company has forecast that benefit from the ink jet printing technology development, the market for digital printing will be sustained growth between 2013 to 2018. Digital printing can better adapt to the demand of the customers on-demand printing, more important is can satisfy the demand of terminal customers, and the traditional offset printing is not achieve them. The study found that customer is an increasing demand for low print runs, short cycle, at the same time for personalized printing products also showed a strong interest. Traditional offset printing and digital printing costs are also different. Digital printing equipment have the advantages of low cost elements of, but the cost of each print than traditional printing equipment. Compared to the cost of the production process for printing enterprise can better understand live a better way of printing. Such as variable data printing, no doubt, to choose the digital printing machine. Similarly, personality packaging printing is a good example, many brands are this way to understand consumer psychology and potential customers. Printing cycle to cut as many traditional printing enterprises to select one of the key reasons of digital printing equipment. Pine research is highly emphasized to this reason, combined with the recent rapid development of digital printing technology, has become the customer to choose effective impetus of digital printing equipment. According to the pine, traditional offset printing wages by an average of 2008 years of 11. $43 ( Every single A4), Down to 10, 2018. $16, decline of 11. 1%. However for digital printing, but on the contrary, it will be 2008 in 92. $48 ( Per thousand) Increased to 2018 in 119. $53. hc360
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