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Inkjet printing market heat air actually used only in the stage of 'testing the waters' printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-10
Every new technology appear to let a person shine at the moment, and then entered the stage of marketing hype, 3 d printing and inkjet printing. Recently, according to the survey, as expectations of high technology, 3 d printing a whopping 71% of British people don't know. By the same token, the current inkjet printing only in the stage of testing the waters. In recent years, ink-jet printing has developed into the hot and focal point of printing, inkjet printing machine with the passage of time emerge in endlessly, only alternative color label industry narrow rotary inkjet printer is up to more than 30. Existing inkjet printer, all of them are from the volume to the volume inkjet printing machine, printing machine to separate modular also have to mix flexo/inkjet printer. Although the market continues to develop, the product category is abundant, but the ink jet printing market is not rapid growth. Investigate its reason, mainly because it is difficult to find in the market now both equipment prices, ink supplies, with the cost and meet the requirements of environmental protection equipment, for this enterprise will be more willing to adopt the traditional offset printing. So, high-speed inkjet printing can only success breakthrough improve their performance. Traditional printing machine after a long development is mature, its value and the cost of the printing quality of equipment price has been recognized by people. When the traditional printing people to seek for future, they saw the high-speed inkjet printing, but from the perspective of quality and cost will be high speed inkjet printing were compared with traditional printing, often can not give up the old love again, so we have to wait. High-speed inkjet printing of zero inventory, on-demand production and environmental protection advantages submerged in traditional printing aura of low cost and high quality. When it comes to the resistance of high-speed inkjet printing, and supplier's point of view coincides with mine. Screen printing equipment, Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , general manager assistant m jersey friend bo said: inkjet printing equipment cost-effective integrated remains to be improved. On the inkjet equipment market at present is very difficult to find both device, ink supplies, the cost price and meet the requirements of environmental protection products. Advocate environmental protection UV inkjet technology, price and use cost are incredible; And ordinary inkjet technology is economical and practical and can cause bad effects to the environment. In addition, the terminal market and end users of substrates will put forward higher requirements, such as the surface is smooth, ink, it is difficult to attached materials or some special materials such as how to printing. In a word, to give full play to the advantages of ink-jet printing can use good ink jet printer. At the same time, the concept of resource conservation and environmental protection to manage real digital printing business. In today's economic benefit under the background of the social activity, the higher the cost is high speed inkjet printing to seek another resistance in the process of development. High-speed inkjet printing technology in China has just started, whether the purchase amount of equipment, and supporting the price of consumables, led to high-speed inkjet printing product's cost is high. Than domestic cheap cost of offset printing, the printing on the market, the cost of high-speed inkjet printing no advantage. High-speed inkjet printing technology now or import, copying foreign high-speed inkjet printing successful cases in China will cause water and soil. Foreign high-speed inkjet printing cost with local traditional printing, the printing industry chain downstream have highly recognized and actively push for high-speed inkjet printing, as well as the electronic commerce development degree is relatively mature, in these areas, China also has a long way to go. To adapt the high-speed inkjet printing operations in the localization of the demand of the market in China today, in this way can we closer vision and reality. China packaging printing machinery network
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