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Inkjet printing injected new energy to the printing, plate type ink jet printer

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
Introduction: in recent years, with the continuous development of the computer control technology and packaging technology, inkjet printing to get fast development, made the printing also have wider application. Ink-jet imaging technology breakthroughs will be printing this tradition with a long history important milestone in industry to complete the digital revolution. Inkjet printing has broken the traditional analog printing process and business model, the short version of the high quality printing, personalized printing, its good economy began to show the charm. In terms of speed and cost of inkjet printing has better advantages and traditional printing technology to compete in many applications, but also can increase the value on the limitation of the printed this is staggering. Inkjet printing application system at present, large format inkjet equipment has a very wide range of application scope, and the market demand is also increasing year by year. With the large-scale popularization of ink-jet printing technology, will trigger a printing related industry management form the overall reform, the changes will also be mapped to the publishing industry, packaging industry, personalized products, etc. Packaging industry: using UV inkjet printing ink, medium is used very widely, can be in commonly used packaging, labels, spray printing imaging directly on paper. With variable data processing software, and anti-counterfeiting, supervision code technology can provide a more wide range of value-added services. Personalized products: with the help of inkjet printing technology widely applicable medium, continuous data conversion and output characteristics, in the field of personalization, has the flexibility of traditional printing technology: they are a custom ceramic tile products. Direct print paper material, monuments, ancient paintings copy; Without being limited by the length, large format output without joining together. Inkjet printing equipment manufactured goods to the ink-jet printing equipment to spray seal, conversion products production of flexible, simple, but the current equipment, consumables ink, the high price of spare parts and so on, nowadays the inkjet printing ( Printing) Equipment is mainly applied to digital proofing, outdoor advertising, signs, etc. In recent years, some production printing enterprise in order to improve the structure of their products, quickly responded to the requirements of the order, ink-jet printing equipment has be applied to ceramic tile printing, label printing, variable data publishing such as the mass injection production areas. The magic of inkjet printing is non-contact, so it can not restricted by any material, can be in board, glass, crystal, metal plate, floor tile, ceramics, cd-rom, acrylic, organic glass, EVA. KT board, leather, silicone, plastic, PP, PE, PVC, cloth, stickers, such as stone material surface color photo printing, it also creates a concept - - - - - - - General printing. All India exhibition in 2014, wei reputation ( Hong Kong) Co. , LTD. Chief executive shao-yong zhang at the guangzhou science and technology ( Shenzhen) Exhibition co. , LTD. All India media Open Day has also noted on generalized printing; In addition to air and water, and can realize all kinds of printing. DirectJet1024UVLED plate type inkjet printer DirectJet1024UVLED plate type inkjet printer DirectJet1024UVLED plate type inkjet printer some network control, can provide the print quality, print out the product color is vivid, tactility is clear. DirectJet1024UV can online printing, can be white, the combination of color and transparent color of the print head channel synchronization printing any color combinations of two or three, one-time finish printing. DirectJet1024UVLED plate type of inkjet printing products DirectJet1024UV substrates very extensive, in addition to the commonly used paper, wood, metal, brick of pottery and porcelain, plastic, glass, industrial parts can be print, the print medium range from 0 - 381 mm thick, weight of 13. 6公斤。 Above is printed directly by DirectJet1024UV JETvarnish3D local UV glazing machine inkjet ink jet printing technology can shine brilliantly in post-press, MGI and konica minolta first cooperation JETvarnish3D local UV inkjet digital local UV polishing machine will be into a new era, make the flat piece of local UV glazing has more productive, produce stunning 3 d stereoscopic effect, is a book to thousands of 3 d or alternatives to traditional local UV glazing work better solutions, the real meaning of value-added services to printers. JETvarnish3D local UV polishing machine the MGI's unique inkjet ink jet technology to keep from page to page after a good quality. The piezo ( On-demand inkjet) UV ink jet head can achieve XiaoYou line of 0. 5 mm wide or paper ( Big width 515 mm) 。 Equipped with MGI glaze formula, users need cleaning equipment can switch from one job to another job. China in the field of inkjet printing is also a continuous, in the future, the development of Chinese ink jet printing speed will be faster, the market has huge potential. According to pyrrha international 'global market prediction: the future of inkjet printing, expects to 2015, the Chinese ink jet printing equipment market scale will reach 86. 600 million yuan. In the future, inkjet printing areas will be expanded, its application in environmental protection and also there will be a bigger development. For inkjet printing to create more value, needs the joint efforts of the industry. The Chinese printing and packaging network
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