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Inkjet printing in China, like a fish in the water. Ink jet printing technology is born has been more than seven years, active in the global scope

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
Many inkjet printing equipment manufacturer, especially in the recent 3 years, with the growing Chinese printing market, and speed up the pace of industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading of printing enterprise demands intense, strong demand for new technology. In this context, a growing number of inkjet printing equipment manufacturing companies choose to set up shop in China, also makes the market more competitive. In Asia, the book is one of the core application of inkjet printing equipment. And today, is the era of 4 g. 4 g power inkjet printing ink jet printing of the main application field of outdoor advertising, ceramic jet printing and textile printing and so on. Ink jet printing technology in home decoration, convention and exhibition, and even the new 3 d printing, and other fields have been varying degrees of application. Ink jet printing technology is a sign of official mainstream printing market drupa2008. Printing consultants SmithersPira company, according to a report released in 2009, global industrial inkjet printing market output value is about $26. 8 billion, 2011 to $33. 4 billion, about 4 of the total output value of printing. 2011-2%, expected 2017 inkjet printing market average annual compound growth rate of about 12. Market 4%, to 2017 total output value will reach $67. 3 billion, in the printing industry output value proportion will reach 7%. In today's more and more respecting the user experience, speed becomes a common topic of concern. The emergence of the 4 g good solve the problem, so the related other industries and what is good? The industry have predicted that in 2014, business inkjet will gain great development. With the launch of the 4 g networks, many people are opening experience. The fourth generation mobile communication standard action, refers to the fourth generation mobile communication technology, hereinafter referred to as 4 g. 4 g is a collection of 3 g and WLAN in one, and can transmit high quality video image, the image transmission quality and high definition TV. 4 g system can download at the speed of 10 MB, 200 times faster than current dial-up Internet access, upload speed can reach 5 MBPS, and can meet the requirements of almost all users for wireless service. High-speed network will be more active market, so as early as in 2013, the office print manufacturers have introduced a series of business for the residential and commercial market ink-jet printing products, this also for ink-jet printing market in 2014 to do the stage ahead of time. China into market important Asia is a large consumer market, this feature is a big difference with Europe and the United States. Books, Asian market development space is huge; Direct mail and commercial paper, the European market is far greater than the Asian market. For inkjet printing, the importance of the book market. In China, the market is particularly important. Many countries in Europe and the United States, saves the publication of the book printing enterprise outsourcing to China to do it. China and the rest of the world, market development speed is very fast, China is the world's factory in the past, now China has entered the second phase of development, various factors make this market potential is tremendous. And China will be an example to other Asian countries is very good. Especially in the digital printing and inkjet technology will play a role. Western Europe inkjet, according to IDC, a new future in Western Europe in the third quarter of this year's printing peripherals shipments for 5. 87 million, increased by 2% year-on-year. This is six straight quarterly growth in the region. However, this quarter of the total cost of the shipment continue to fall. According to introducing, the overall delivery rose 2 inkjet products. 8%. Among them, the business inkjet product growth for the outstanding, rose 10. 9%. The high speed period of sustained growth inkjet products is also more than one quarter. But consumer inkjet product market continues to shrink. Color laser products, especially color laser multi-function equipment shipment growth slightly, but the black and white products especially black and white monofunctional laser product shipped to reduce, as a result, the overall laser product shipped flat. In the whole printing peripherals shipment, all-in-one delivery rose by 2. And 8% of the overall shipments of 80. 8% share. Single-use product delivery fell by 1. 2%. In terms of area, the UK and Germany shipments rose 7 respectively. 8% and 3. 5%, while France fell 3. 3%. IDC analysts pointed out that, although Western Europe's overall printing peripherals shipment year-on-year growth this quarter did not reach double digits, but really reflect the steady growth of the region market, among them, the business of inkjet and color laser segment will become the future growth. 80% of books will still be printed books down he has been a consensus in print runs, ebook huge impact on the market, and this brought challenges to traditional books and periodicals printing. 我。 T strategy company in the United States, Japan, southeast Asia and Europe 500 digital printing enterprises after investigation found that although the book industry is watching ebook, actually is very small, but the permeability of the e-book on average less than 20%, that is to say, more than 80% of the books is still need to be printed.
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