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Inkjet printing complementary and traditional printing for packaging and labeling short version live a printing, printing technology

by:Arojet     2021-05-10
Takeaway: thanks to the Internet technology and the integration and development of printing technology, inkjet printing has been developed rapidly, and will be widely recognized by the industry, very popular. Then, with the development of the ink-jet printing in the future and how will? Inkjet printing and ink-jet printing is the same? Inkjet printing definition inkjet printing ( 墨水, jetprinting) Referred to as 'spray print, is under the control of the computer system, will be converted to a digital printing printing information signal, through the industry spray printing head and spray printing ink jet directly or indirectly to the substrates, the process of forming a graphic. Is a kind of non-contact, no stress, no printing plate printing replication technology. It has no version of the common features of digital printing, which can realize the variable information printing. There are many kinds of ink-jet printing way, its basic principle is the first electronic computer storage of graphic information input to the flat-panel printers, again through the special device, under the control of the electronic computer, from the nozzle to the surface of substrates spray fog drops, according to the charge effect on the surface of substrates direct imaging, become the final print. It is the basic principle of inkjet printing to produce small drops, and guidance to the set position. According to the ink-jet system is different, can be divided into continuous and on-demand type two kinds. Continuous inkjet printing ( CIJ) , whether or not the plating type, plating type are the way of flow drops continuously, then transfer form the image deflection by electric field, will not plating drops after recycling or scattered. On-demand inkjet printing ( DOD) , only in the plating parts produce drops. Dedicated to print the image, suitable for packaging colour printing, textiles, and large billboards, is the ideal choice of the full color, high precision printing, the printing quality is an important factor. Inkjet printing according to the printing color, can be divided into black and white ink-jet printing and color ink jet printing two. Black and white ink-jet printing in single ink, machine structure and the ink system also is simpler, accordingly, color ink jet printing is relatively complex. Principle of inkjet printing ink pump at a certain pressure, the ink from the nozzle, form a continuous flow of ink, the ink flow in the print head in the metal tube of high voltage electrostatic charge, be arranged orderly ink drip. Adjust the ink pump pressure and voltage amplitude, micro drops to produce as much as possible, when the ink trickle through the high voltage line, micro drops is charging, and big drops is not charging. Charging signals once removed, and be charge of small drops, the deflection deflect electrode under the action of dc field, form of printing ink, shot on the substrates, complete printing. Don't charge drops not deflect, recycled by ink system. Synchronization of color ink jet printer interface, can accept the color image from terminal, color TV, color scanner light and color information can be stored, can also be by color converter, convert colour material color and black signal, with a neutral gray, gray level controller control by the gray level 4 kinds of color signal of the controller, sent to the corresponding color nozzle electrode respectively, control ink jet.
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