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Inkjet printers realize anti-counterfeiting traceability for veterinary drug manufacturers

by:Arojet     2021-07-22
In order to further strengthen the risk management and control of veterinary drugs, improve the ease of use and convenience of the veterinary drug traceability system, and focus on improving the quality and safety of veterinary drugs, the traceability management of veterinary drug products is required. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs adjusted the implementation of the two-dimensional code for veterinary drugs packaged at 20M and below in the National Veterinary Drug Product Traceability System and issued a notice. The implementation of the two-dimensional code traceability management system can eliminate and reduce problems such as non-standard production management of veterinary drug companies, non-standard label instructions, illegal production of fake and inferior veterinary drugs, unlicensed operation, and low product quality. It is a restriction and restriction; In addition, in the production and management of veterinary drug companies, it can improve product quality, ensure animal quality and safety, and maintain public health. The veterinary drug information two-dimensional code is registered by the veterinary drug manufacturer to the national veterinary drug product traceability system and applies for a key. The national veterinary drug product traceability system randomly generates a 24-digit number for the veterinary drug products produced in a one-to-one correspondence. Veterinary drug two-dimensional code is the identification information used by the veterinary drug product traceability information system, and it needs to rely on the two-dimensional code inkjet printer of the inkjet identification equipment. The variable data QR code UV inkjet printer independently developed by Microembedded can print various variable QR codes in real time. The printed veterinary drug QR codes have a high recognition rate, which is clear and beautiful, clean, scratch-resistant, and alcohol-resistant. . The use of veterinary drug QR code traceability inkjet printers can help veterinary drug manufacturers solve the current logistics monitoring and product effective anti-counterfeiting problems. When veterinary drug products are printed with QR code logos, producers, consumers, and operators are all The label content information can be read by scanning the two-dimensional code, so that veterinary drug products can be traced, and veterinary drug products can be investigated, which protects the development of animal husbandry. The inkjet printer undertakes the task of product traceability. At present, many domestic industries have used inkjet printers to complete product identification for the establishment of product traceability systems, and there have been many successful cases. Basically, after a series of adaptations, the inkjet printer completes these identifications very easily: thanks to the automatic production mode of the inkjet printer and the extended function of the inkjet printer with database access. The Rottweil inkjet printer can print barcodes, QR codes, batch numbers, dates, shifts, and serial numbers. Whether in packaging of glass, paper, plastic, etc., under high temperature or humidity, or in a cold and low temperature production environment, Metronics Rottweil can also achieve good printing quality.
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