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Inkjet printers play an important role in the mass production of commodities!

by:Arojet     2021-07-25
Anyone who is engaged in the production of commodities should know that the inkjet printer plays an important role in the mass production of commodities; it is precisely because of its existence that there are various signs such as patterns, characters, and codes on the commodities, which is not only convenient To a certain extent, it also provides convenience for consumers; it is precisely because of its importance that so many types have appeared on the market, such as small characters, large characters, laser, high Analysis, etc., the following is mainly to introduce the laser printer. The characteristics of this inkjet printer are as follows: It uses advanced sealed carbon dioxide laser technology. The laser etching machine can be used to form permanent markings that cannot be erased on the surface of the material by etching. Laser printers are divided into scribing and dot-matrix laser technology for marking text, graphics and variable data on a variety of different material surfaces, such as plastic, glass, paper, and cardboard boxes. Because the laser machine does not need ink and other consumables, the laser printing method is more economical and has no impact on the environment. The above is the working principle and basic characteristics of the laser printer, as well as the industry to which it is applicable. According to these, people can have a clear understanding of this type of equipment, so that they can be targeted according to their actual needs and requirements. chosen.
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