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Inkjet printers and energy saving is competitive

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
In the government procurement market, the market share of the inkjet printer is not nearly as laser printers. But with the promotion of the concept of low carbon concept and save office inkjet printer with its price advantage and characteristics of energy conservation to the attention of the user. Compared with the laser printer, whether in print speed, printing costs or on continuous output, all inkjet printers. Even, to save energy, reduce power consumption, an inkjet printer is better. Spray the green of the market in the era of low carbon looming today, business office as an important field of energy consumption began to cause widespread concern. In recent years, digital office comprehensive rise, digital office equipment such as computers, printers and multi-function equipment rapidly, these devices in greatly improve the efficiency of the office at the same time, greatly increased the energy consumption of office, also directly or indirectly caused the huge amounts of carbon emissions. Can say, every link of digital office, can cause carbon emissions, also have space to reduce carbon emissions. Inkjet printer in recent years there has been no big technology change, also not particularly busy market scene. Most of the companies will technology focus on reduce the printing cost, enhances the stability of printing. Like all markets such as automotive, home appliances, printer market is also an inevitable important subject is how to respond to the global climate summit in Copenhagen this huge rock aroused, like ripples expand low carbon environmental protection issue. Although some people think that after the conference by the declaration of the practical significance to slow down the pace of global warming is not too big, but from a low carbon enlightenment, promote energy conservation and environmental protection consciousness of the world's point of view, has far-reaching influence. To the paperless office reduce, print and copy number of documents, using more energy-efficient computers, printers and other office equipment, double-sided printing is used to reduce paper consumption, and timely adjust the lighting and shut down the computer at any time according to the environment, etc. , these seemingly minor change, it can effectively reduce carbon emissions, to implement low carbon office, to slow global climate change. Efficiency standards to guide technology development direction if the Copenhagen climate conference with our daily life of the ordinary people still seem a bit distant, rumours of the fax machine, printer industry in 2010 countries efficiency standards will really beating the competition in the market of each enterprise, according to experts preliminary estimates that there will be nearly 10%, nearly ten thousand sets of elimination for existing products. With the increasingly stringent automotive exhaust emission national standard, the printer introduced mandatory national standards of energy efficiency are bound to bring new printer market of green purchasing power. The implementation of the standards is likely to change printer technology development direction of the future market, product mix and the existing competitive landscape, giving the whole heavy green brand printers, fax machines on the market. From the point of view of consumers to use, for reasons of post office cost saving etc, low carbon print will be more options to the user. Energy saving index change the competitive landscape in the government procurement market, has long been implemented to the requirement of energy saving, energy-saving list will not be able to enter the market, not qualified for this on inkjet printer manufacturers set up a real threshold. From the perspective of the competitive landscape, those who pay more attention to the green environmental protection enterprise, might get a better development space. For now, samsung, lenovo and so on second - and third-tier brand has been aware of the problem, but in the three big brands, HP, Canon, and only made a systemic action. As early as 2008, put forward its own 'environmental vision 2050', will open the product whole life cycle of carbon dioxide emissions by 90% and so on four big goals, at the same time to realize this vision, set up a process from product design, raw materials procurement, manufacturing management, transportation management, to the use of consumables, after-sales service, recycling of waste products, complete system, can be said the first in the industry. There is no doubt that this aspect shows the good corporate social responsibility, on the other hand also to bring the honest in core competitive ability. In contrast, Canon, HP, the two giants are also just mentioned in the part of the product model of energy conservation and environmental protection index, action strength obviously and its market position does not match. We can only say that the personality and ways of thinking determine the development of the enterprise strategy. In low carbon, this new subject have always is famous for its budget is clearly in front of the other two old rivals. The difference between this strategy directly reflected in the central state organs shortlisted for the situation on the agreement. The bid opening in March 2009 the central state organs in the supply agreement, inkjet printers, there is only one, the reason is not shortlisted for the energy saving list from other manufacturers. And printer products is forcedly purchasing energy saving products in the list. In 2010, and only three finalists, Canon and brother. Giant hewlett-packard printer two consecutive shortlisted in the supply agreement, afford for thought. China international bidding nets
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