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Inkjet printer still dominate the laser printer will be a strong hit, printing equipment

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
Takeaway: from the global shipments of circumstances in different types of printers, inkjet printers shipments accounted for more than 50. 02%, and the dominant; Followed by laser printer, shipments of 30. 68%. According to the principle of printing, the printer is mainly divided into needle printers, inkjet printers, and laser printers, at present in our country are mainly composed of laser printers, and in the international market, inkjet printer shipments dominate. Forward-looking industry institute released '2015 - In 2020 China's laser printer industry market foresight and investment strategy analysis report: 2012 - In 2014, the global printer shipments to fluctuations. Among them, 2013, the global printer shipments for 133. 77 million, year-on-year growth of 2. 82%; In 2014, the global printer shipments for 132. 42 million, down 1% year-on-year. From the global shipments of circumstances in different types of printers, inkjet printers shipments accounted for more than 50. 02%, and the dominant; Followed by laser printer, shipments of 30. 68%. But in recent years, the developing trend of printer, high-speed color multifunction laser printer becomes a trend. In the first quarter of 2015 global printer presents three characteristics, for example: 1, market presents the trend of printing devices from a single function to multifunction devices, single-function printer market fell 8. 0%, and the multi-function printing devices ( MFP) Decreased in shipments of 0. 3%, but rose 19 color laser MFP. 9%; 2, black and white printer to color printer has become a trend, the overall market share of 20 of color printer. 8%, increased by 0. 8%. Compared with 2 color laser printer market. Fell 0%, while the black and white laser printer market. 3. 1%; 3, market to the high speed period of printing equipment, to accelerate the 45 - 69 PPM rate of black and white laser MFP niche market rose 31. Increase of 0%. Growth is 45 - came in second 69 PPM speed printer market segments, market share is 6. 4%. 31 - 44 PPM speed section of the MFP's market share to 2. 4%. In HPLaserJetEnterpriseM602 series, 45 69 PPM rate of monofunctional laser printer was bigger. And the color printer market, 70 - 90 PPM speed section of the MFP subdivided market rose 49. 31-6% Speed of 44 PPM 19 period of market segment growth. 1-9% 10 PPM speed growth period of 18. 2%. But compared to the laser printer and inkjet printer performance can be found, spray in color expressive force is relatively outstanding, especially for photo printer. Laser printer files such as text, graphics printing work more handy, this advantage is more obvious when use plain paper printing. Another highlight the contrast is the printer load force and perform a election excited to play, less amount and blasting to color print the demanding to pick to play, it should be optimized choice. From the user field, excited to play general application in the enterprise, business, small group work environment, and ink-jet printer due to shock, playing now has gradually close to residential areas, become a personal consumer goods. But for now, to play in some business office, the office building and other places of work is still popular. If enterprises want to often print some black and white document, only occasionally play something in color, can at the same time equipped with a black and white and cream and a mid-range color spray, because to play one thousand yuan is enough, black and white plus a mid-range color spray is 23000 yuan. And with a black and white cream can save a lot of the cost of printing consumables, and the printing speed is much faster than a spray, print quality. In general, is excited to play in spray. But for the moment, ink-jet printing have good printing effect, good compatibility, flexible paper treatment ability, firmly occupy the low-end market, form a complementary relationship with excited to play, in the next few years will continue to maintain this relationship. But in the long run, with the reduction of excitation dozen price shock play spray will further erode market share. sohu
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