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Inkjet printer manufacturers interpret the film rewinder platform

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
Rewinding machine is generally used for: rewinding and slitting of mica tape, paper, and film, which plays the role of all-in-one. It is often used for slitting wide webs, and plays an important role in subsequent slitting. , It is a special equipment for paper, mica tape and film. Due to the characteristics of the film, the film rewinding machine platform may cause static electricity to affect the printing effect. The film rewinding equipment needs to add static elimination equipment, which needs to be increased during the winding and unwinding process; when the dyne value of the material surface is not enough, it needs to increase the plasma surface Treatment equipment or full-page corona equipment to make up for the insufficient surface dyne value. The rewinding equipment also has a rewinding machine, which converts the front and back sides of the material on one equipment, so that after the front side is printed, another nozzle can be used to print the back side, which is beneficial to guarantee the front and back printing data Correspondence consistency. The film rewinder platform is to achieve a rewinding and unwinding action. There are types of equipment on the customer site, and large-scale inkjet equipment can also be installed. As long as the running speed is guaranteed to be uniform, there are edge correction control, tension control, inkjet software and rewinder Realize the synchronization function, which effectively reduces the waste of materials, ensures the utilization rate of variable data, and provides the efficiency of quality inspection. When the coding equipment stops printing, it will give the rewinder stop instruction. At this time, the rewinder will continue to cure all the uncured labels. After curing, the rewinder will reverse to the position where the label needs to be printed. When the printing continues Then started printing.
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