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Inkjet printer is the equipment used for marking in the production process of goods

by:Arojet     2021-07-25
The inkjet printer is a device that performs identification during the production process of the product. Because of its identification, the manufacturer can express various information about the product, and the customer can understand it. It can be said that its existence has effectively carried out the business. The product communication with consumers, so it has always been highly valued by people; its existence also has multiple types, such as on-demand ink supply, continuous jetting, etc., the following is a description of continuous jetting jets. Let’s talk briefly about the code machine, hoping that people can learn more about it. This type of inkjet printer, also known as CIJ type, continuously ejects ink from a single nozzle under pressure, and breaks to form ink dots after crystal oscillation; the ink dots are charged and deflected by high pressure on the surface of the moving object Scanning into characters; mostly used in the packaging market where imaging requirements are low and high speed is required. CIJ is the best solution for the number and labeling of a large number of direct mail orders, packaging and printing products of food, beverage, medicine and beauty; in addition, it is also used for the labeling and coding of lottery tickets. The above is the specific situation of the continuous jet inkjet printer. Its marking speed is unmatched by other equipment, but its quality is slightly inferior. It is best applied to products with low inkjet quality requirements. Pay special attention when choosing.
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