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Inkjet printer and tea packaging logo

by:Arojet     2021-07-31
Nowadays, convenience and aesthetic requirements have become one of the important factors of food packaging bags. It is difficult for food packaging to occupy the market without considering convenience. So how to choose the inkjet printer that makes tea stand out? For the production date of tea coding, most of them use small-character ink-jet printers, and the bags are printed before the tea is packaged; the small-character inkjet printers have fast printing speed, quick-drying ink, and stable machine. The universal inkjet printer for small food packaging identification is called Continue Ink Jet Printer (Continue Ink Jet Printer), referred to as CIJ type, also known as small character continuous inkjet printer, which uses pressure to continuously ink from a single nozzle After ejecting, the crystal oscillates and breaks to form ink dots. The ink dots are charged and deflected by high voltage and scanned into characters on the surface of the moving object. Not only in the tea industry, small-character inkjet printers are now more and more widely used in packaging labels of all kinds of food, and the safety of food inkjet printers has also been paid attention to by more and more people. Inkjet printers have been widely used in snack foods, convenience foods, health products, beverages, dairy, noodles, wine, tea, eggs, grains and oils and other packaging labels. On the premise of maintaining food safety, how to better How to ensure the stable performance of the printer, increase the wiring speed, and reduce the cost of use? Still an old saying, choose a printer manufacturer you are familiar with and reliable, look for value-added after-sales service and advanced inkjet printer technology.
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