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by:Arojet     2021-07-26
The anti-counterfeiting of the product can also represent the attitude of the company. With an attitude, there is responsibility, and a responsible brand is trustworthy. To say that wooden furniture has the reputation of being a noble in the furniture market in the local market, or has gone beyond the category of furniture, it is equivalent to collectibles or even investment goods. But at the same time, the market appeared shoddy and disrupted the market. 'Mahogany Product Two-dimensional Bar Code Traceability and Anti-counterfeiting Technical Requirements' effectively curbed market confusion, and product identification two-dimensional code once again escorted it in the furniture industry. In response to the demand for wooden furniture 'Mahogany Product Two-dimensional Bar Code Traceability and Anti-counterfeiting Technical RequirementsAfter purchasing mahogany furniture, customers can know the production location, production date, materials and introduction of the furniture and other detailed product information as long as they scan the product identification QR code. Product identification two-dimensional code through the two-dimensional code traceability technology code has a large storage capacity, high traceability, strong confidentiality, strong resistance to damage, operability and practicability, can ensure the traceability of upstream and downstream link information Effective delivery, the two-dimensional code traceability system provides a guarantee for commodities, facilitates the circulation and recirculation of commodities in the market, and reduces the cost of trust. Fully guarantee the uniqueness of original furniture products, and make the information between furniture and consumers more transparent.
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