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Inkjet market like China's economy in '3 period' superposition market, ink technology

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
Takeaway: as China's economy, the current inkjet market have three periods of overlay, deterioration of ceramic tile market integration period, machine popularization phase saturation and bottleneck of technological innovation. The current inkjet market like China's economy, also in the third phase of overlay, deterioration of ceramic tile market integration period, machine popularization phase saturation and bottleneck of technological innovation. Therefore, predict 2016 ceramic market is still difficult, still bitter competition. A preliminary forecast: a slow further, inkjet machine demand, is expected to the year only 300 ~ 400. ( If ink jet penetration breakthroughs in mass production, the quantity increase) 。 Second, smooth ink demand has fallen, more competitive, the price also further dip, 50000 / ton it is also possible. Estimated ceramic tile actual output this year fell below 8 billion square meters, according to the arts& forecasts, due to the real estate demand, the demand of ceramic tile next year will further down to less than 7 billion square meters. Thus, while online machine increased, the ink consumption is expected to won't increase. Three, here to calculate the size of the market, by the way: machine, inkjet machine single average of about 1 million yuan ( Because the minicomputer more than mainframes) 。 Therefore, the market sales of about 3 to 400 million yuan next year. Ink, online machine more than 3500 Taiwan, at seventy percent of the machine gauge, the actual running around 2500 units, each machine 1 tons monthly consumption, monthly average of 2500 tons. According to the 5 per ton. 50000 yuan, about 1 month. 400 million yuan, count ten months of the year working days is 1. 4 billion yuan. Visible inkjet machine and ink market size is substantially less than the previous two years of prediction, can accommodate manufacturer also is reduced. And at present, in the domestic business inkjet machine and ink brands are more than 10 respectively, in the gross margin is so low, so risky, under the condition of market operating conditions not in balance, continue to reshuffle is inevitable. So, where does that leave? One of his creation, inkjet machine have 1. Model, at present each big brand inkjet did a lot of segmentation model. Channel reach 8, also does not have too big significance. Big, small, single, double channel, pull out the design, automatic cleaning, etc. , can think of practical function has everything, innovation is really not easy. 2. Nozzle, XAAR from GS6, GS12 to GS40, covers six to 160 pl, there seems little point in big again. Other nozzle, such as Toshiba, seiko, konica, starlight, although each have characteristics, but does not have a breakthrough performance let you think should be replaced. Starlight nozzle, such as the more attention jet force is big, suitable for dark archaize brick, but used to play ordinary jade, marble grain ceramic tile, the whole cast etc. XAAR nozzle is better than fine. Therefore only suitable for some segment of the market to choose, do not have a disruptive technology. 3. As whether the software upgrade? I think there is. Software to ascend through ascension, for example, customers in the figure, the efficiency and effect of the color and so on way of optimized disassembly graph, optimize combination, save ink, ink so as to promote hair color effect, etc. However, this requires the machine manufacturing side work closely and the user can be improved. Second, the ink in the direction of the 1. Functional ink can make a difference, non-slip, antibacterial, and there is light, matte, white and so on. These rich products, expanding market segment, as well as to reduce the direct conflict between the suppliers, and can increase the ink enterprise and the benefit of the ceramic manufacturers. 2. Inkjet machine differentiation is difficult to walk, but there is some ink road of differentiation. For example: don't go cheap route. Will cost a little more, ink better promotive, stability, enhancing quality, higher price point. According to the calculation, the two brands imported ink ( Meaning of add, TaoLiXi) More than twenty percent of market share, this is the quality of them based on better than domestically produced, the price is about 20% higher than domestic. Peers can be for reference. 3. Efforts on penetration ink technology research and development, the breakthrough hair color brilliance, infiltration depth, stability, ease of use, cost, such as threshold, make ink-jet color tile polishing brick domestic market to be bestowed favor on newly, increase profit way. Only actively participate in domestic counterparts, develop cost-effective better technology, can the market do big. The current use of foreign products to increase costs 20 yuan per square meter, localization of the space is very big still. In the field of polishing brick production technology, with the current inkjet ooze to spend a technology mature fabric technology, all have their own advantages and disadvantages, each occupies a certain market share in the future is inevitable. New XFX starting from this year on research and development, is currently in mass production stage, willing to work with customers to create beautiful future of inkjet ooze to spend together. In aggregate, 2016 climate of economic development at home and abroad are difficult ( China's economic growth seven is actually a virtual) 。 Excess production capacity, demand is the main tone. Has been going down like this a few years of raw materials equipment, compressor, kiln, polished edge grinding and packaging equipment, inkjet market can't be compared with the popularizing period of a few years ago a hot. Starting this year, inkjet market has entered a downward path. Our counterparts should be sober, take a long-term view to industry general situation as heavy, collaboration, the closed hand to hand, don't blind competition. Enterprises survive is important in today's environment, stable operation is the way to survive.
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