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Inkjet machine market cooled or opportunities to upgrade their technology is the key for enterprises

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
Takeaway: after the growth of 2013 hot, inkjet machine market turns cold in 2014 and 2015, by the end of 2015, the national online inkjet machine is about 3000. The personage inside course of study thinks now has entered the era after the inkjet. , according to the national launch of ceramic inkjet machine only 12 at the end of 2010, the growth of 2013 has already launched nearly 2000 units, in 2014 and 2015 inkjet machine market cools, the decline in sales. Have a professional estimate, by the end of 2015, the national online inkjet machine is about 3000. Many insiders agree that has now entered the era after the ink-jet, coupled with the ceramic market downturn, inkjet machine manufacturing enterprises might be difficult. Also some people think that the growth of the inkjet machine from blowout to fell back quickly is the opportunity of inkjet machine manufacturing enterprises, upgrade preempted market they can rely on technology, powerful enterprises will have better development after the reshuffle. 1. Inkjet era after the sales volume over a crazy growth of ceramic inkjet machine quickly after market close to saturation, many people say it is the ink jet era. Continues to upgrade the current inkjet machine, mainly in the growth of number of channels, 8 channel is belong to the standard of inkjet machine, and the light of functional inks and subsidence glaze, glaze peeling technology improvement and other special ink to the corresponding channel. Although development speed slow down, but the opportunity still has a lot of, some powerful companies are also involved in the inkjet machine competition in the market. Guangdong keda jie inkjet machine co. , LTD. The new type through a year of researches, the debugging and prototype test, has been put into production and normal production. According to introducing, keda developed inkjet machine according to the design configuration of multi-channel, various nozzle mix and match; To obtain a new type of ink road system makes spray printing more stable, and the ink is not easy to precipitate, able to adapt to different types of ink; Non-stop conversion for instant brick surface spray print different patterns and different sizes conversion, random print, and each tile pattern are different; Novel structure design, quick replacement of electrical equipment and ink road, make the maintenance more convenient, and have the ability to Internet access and access keda intelligent system, realize remote monitoring. 2. Multi-function, the informationization development of the relevant controller introduces, on the one hand, with the core technology of keda inkjet machine has more stable ink road system, suitable for the market of multi-channel, ooze to spend higher development requirements of the ink jet printing. On the other hand, in order to further realize informationization of inkjet machine production, standardization, efficiency, cost reduction, provide more competitive products to customers, inkjet machine on informationization project is imminent. On March 19, inkjet machine informationization project officially launched at keda headquarters, all associated department gather together, collusion by upgrading of informatization, the inkjet machine into a siege weapon of the market. 3. Market still has potential Wu Zhen keda vice President pointed out that according to the market situation, inkjet machine at the end of this year, next year there will be a technical outbreak earlier this year, for the dalai lama said a rare opportunity. Keda inkjet printer in multi-channel printing ink, ooze to spend on the development of has made significant breakthrough, mastered the ink to printing process from the beginning to the end of the core technology, the advantage in the market. But keda's goal is to occupy the market a short time, low cost, this will require a system support based on informatization, standardization and change the optional production, the pursuit of the whole process of standardization management, through the various departments of information island, common keda inkjet machine products will become bigger and stronger. ( The ink jet era, ceramic inkjet machine multi-function, informationization direction breakthrough) Di culture network
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