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Inkjet digital printing technology in our country in dire need of upgrading, digital printing, the printer _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-05-09

an interesting phenomenon: in the Chinese seal machine industry, such as after printing, the printing machine on the market of all active with many manufacturers at home and abroad, but only in the aspect of ink-jet printing machine, China has no local machine.

inkjet technology at present in China's development is not balanced, on the one hand, some outdoor advertising jet printing technology in the world advanced level, but on the other hand, the general enterprise inkjet technology is relatively backward, presents two polarized state. So the seal with the company close cooperation and China's printing industry association, one of the goals is to promote inkjet technology more widely in China, make China eventually can fill the gap, our location is also long-term strategic cooperation partners.

now Chinese traditional printing needs new digital technology solutions, the inkjet digital printing as an important supplement of traditional printing, can provide different kinds of printing products and services, to meet market and customer personalized new demand, very optimistic prospect.

ink-jet printing the main advantage of the first is that it is out of contact, does not need plate of the new digital printing way, reduce the complex environment, combined with other factors. Due to eliminating the plate-making process, ink-jet printing four, five, six color printing products than in a traditional way to save at least 30% of the cost.

second, inkjet printing more important advantage is that it enlarged the scope of substrates, either in plane or on irregular surface can be printed, the material of substrates is all-encompassing, unique material such as plastic, wood, ceramic tile can serve as substrates. In Europe, there are three companies are under cernet corporation to do special ceramic tile printer.

in terms of market, the current digital printing of the ratio of the total international level is 6% ~ 7%, according to the international department of the forecast, the next 3 years to 5 years the rate will rise to 15%. For inkjet printing, in 20 years will be 30% of the total accounted for the entire commercial printing.

although now China accounted for less than 1% of the total printing digital printing, but I am very bullish on its growth space. At this time we cooperate with Chinese seal enterprise r&d inkjet digital printing system a purpose, is to see China's monitoring efforts in increasing the quality of product, closely related to people's life, such as the pharmaceutical industry requires effective monitoring means, such as through product traceability to ensure product quality, so the electronic supervision code in China has a large market space.

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