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Inkjet ceramic tile to achieve personalization also needs a long way to go

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
The UV printing technology started relatively late in China. Nearly two years, the domestic many people choose to invest the UV printing technology, printing ceramic tile sells situation has attracted more and more people to join. Then an upsurge UV printing in the market, setting wall ceramic tile, glass background wall, porch, partition and other products popular in the market. The UV printing technology; ; Ceramic tile printing new options in the UV printing, thermal transfer technology commonly used setting wall, thermal transfer technology for printing, because only on the surface of flat and used for glass printing, so it is difficult to make setting wall ceramic tile surface reaches the surface of the diversity, three-dimensional effect. While UV printing technology break through the limitations of traditional printing technology, can be printed out before the effect of the two technologies can't print out. We have learned, the working principle of the UV printing technology similar to the office of ink-jet printer, what input pattern, which pattern can be printed out. The emergence of UV printing technology, so to speak, make ceramic tile production will shift from to the printer copier. And the design and color of ceramic tile design, also can do anything from now on. UV printing ceramic tile let household adornment more personality to UV technology in the field of ceramic tile ceramic tile industry, so to speak of a major revolution, UV technology can not only on the surface of the ceramic tile that flat draw any pattern, also can be for any picture is concave and convex, uneven surface, to form the design and color of ceramic tile and the instant enriched. With the popularity of UV technology, setting wall, and other products can do more and more realistic, then become currently on the market to be bestowed favor on newly. In simple terms, the design of UV technology can be any printing on the ceramic tile; ; Hand shooting landscapes, world famous paintings, photo, wedding photos, and everything you can imagine. Will be painted with a pattern of the ceramic tile in the frame, is a famous painting not corrosion not fade novelty; The design is printed on the large size of ceramic tile, as a background wall, it also has the infinite amorous feelings and personality. UV printing ceramic tile personalization is not small UV printing ceramic tile industry trend, also face a lot of personality of consumer attention, but the personage inside course of study thinks, UV printing ceramic tile to achieve personalization is still a long way to go. In the current ceramic tile product homogeneityphenomenon serious, under the condition of lack of personalized products, UV printing ceramic tile can give the same products brought a fresh breath. But UV printing ceramic tile of personalized production for the moment is not universal, investment cost is higher, the ceramic tile printing technology is complex, makes production problems. It is understood that the UV printing tile equipment investment cost is relatively high, at more than 10 two hundred and one thousand UV printer not every investor can afford, and meets the needs of the ceramic tile printing before and after treatment and corresponding equipment investment. The personage inside course of study says, the emergence of UV printing technology, a greater degree to meet the designer's demand for personalized, regardless of European, Chinese, or other style can very good implementation in ceramic tile products, can also according to customer specific requirements, print personal photos or like paintings. From the consumer's demand characteristics, consumption level unceasing enhancement, will increase demand for personalized products, this is a big and potential market. Mass or customized, but focus on the production level of problem, how to successfully realize the personalized product sales promotion, also need to adapt to form a complete set of product design, product, market channel development, and form a complete set of marketing. UV printing due to various reasons the market acceptance of ceramic tile also is not high, also has not yet fully demonstrated its advantage, but when it comes to the future of the UV printing ceramic tile, industry insiders still with great expectations. Personalized printing products and the broad cooperation will become a trend of stylist, stylist like personality, and UV printing can make better performance. Ceramic tile product customization, has yet to be sources of motivation, and market positioning of the many problems to solve.

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