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Ink technology development in our country lags behind in the eyes of many people, the ink jet printing is a kind of new technology, is synonymous with high-tech. its

by:Arojet     2021-05-10
This is a misunderstanding on the. Search data is not hard to find carefully, inkjet printing history can be traced back to more than 100 years ago: as early as 1878, ink-jet printing technology was born. Over the next 100 years, ink-jet printing development, and some landmark technology. In 1951, Siemens will be inkjet technology by liquid ink into drops, Siemens company specifically for the technology application; In 1964, the company successfully developed with the aid of special equipment, the rate at which can control the size of the drops and jet, which is the prototype of the ink-jet printing printer. In 1967, Hertz developed using continuous inkjet printer technology; Launched in 1972, Siemens piezoelectric on-demand inkjet printing technology; In 1982, Japan's Canon company since the advent of bubble inkjet printer ink r&d progress more quickly. At home, the further development of ink-jet printing technology is affected by some factors. According to relevant data show that so far, our country has not really developed all sorts of performance are relatively stable inkjet ink, so the current domestic market of inkjet ink, color inkjet ink almost all rely on imports, in particular, these imported inkjet ink prices are quite high, seriously hindered the ink-jet printing industry and related industry development in our country. Thus improve the performance of the ink, especially to develop good color, security, performance, stability of the ink has become the current urgent problem in China. Ink-jet printing digital printing inkjet printing, in particular, has been questioned environmental protection has always been considered environmentally friendly printing process, and water-based ink is environmental protection of the environmental protection product, is the industry and the media. But the recent industry appeared doubts about this view. According to the INGEDE ( The international association of deinking industry) Relevant reports, in 2010, overseas a manufacturer of high quality recycled paper recycling picture of the part adopts some brand machine printed books, results cannot be finished because of recycled pulp deinked treatment, 8 hours lead to delay the production, the resulting loss of more than 100000 euros. Since then, by the machine printed excess product, is the paper mill out of the printing paper recycling chain, separate collection and processing. The INGEDE especially stressed that the report is not for who, in fact, almost all use water-based ink printed by inkjet products, there are some problems in recycling: paper recycling waste paper, ready to deinking process to create new, white paper, dyes and small pigment can't remove. The result is: grey paper fiber, paper mill need to strive to meet the quality requirements. Especially dye ink, this problem is more serious, because a little bit of dye can change the color of the paper pulp, such as a little red color can make the whole pulp bleaching pink. By INGEDE reported, there is no a dye type of ink can realize the deinking in paper recycling processing, this ink is also the mainstream products in the market now, with the vast majority of market share. Green printing, environmental protection should be a complete systems engineering, rather than the deficit, pay attention to a particular link environmental performance and environmental protection index and ignore other link. If you can't to comprehensive consideration of environmental protection, may seem to be environmental protection, but in fact is the transfer of pollution. Just as with the dye type water-based ink printing, if the paper cannot be recycled after use, the waste and the resulting caused so late is not environmental protection, far cannot offset the water-based ink with the advantage of a trickle of VOC emissions. The final comprehensive result but not likely to be more environmentally friendly. However, there are many manufacturing enterprises aware of the problem, began to focus on the development of new technology, so that the ink jet ink are easier to implement deinking process.
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