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Ink jet printing technology to screen printing technology promote the development of printing technology, screen printing technology

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
The rise of new technology is always inevitable by comparing with old technology, as a substitute for silk screen printing, inkjet printing technology development become the focus of attention, but is only applicable to small batch printing of the development of new technology and the inability to dominate the market. But on inkjet printing technology printing samples, in the form of silk screen printing technology printing products has become one of the large enterprises to preempt the market success mode of production. Ink jet printing ( 墨水, jetprinting) Is a kind of non-contact, no stress, no printing plate printing replication technology. It has no version of the common features of digital printing, which can realize the variable information printing. Silk screen printing, 筛网印花) Plate net-like, printing ink on the plate under the extrusion of scraping board from part of bearing hole layout to the substrates, and to complete assignments printing printing way. Two printing ways profile, there are many kinds of ink-jet printing ink jet printing way, its basic principle is the first electronic computer storage of graphic information input to the flat-panel printers, again through the special device, under the control of the electronic computer, from the nozzle to the surface of substrates spray fog drops, according to the charge effect on the surface of substrates direct imaging, become the final print. It is the basic principle of inkjet printing to produce small drops, and guidance to the set position. According to the ink-jet system is different, can be divided into continuous and on-demand type two kinds. Continuous inkjet printing ( CIJ) , whether or not the plating type, plating type are the way of flow drops continuously, then transfer form the image deflection by electric field, will not plating drops after recycling or scattered. On-demand inkjet printing ( DOD) , only in the plating parts produce drops. Dedicated to print the image, suitable for packaging colour printing, textiles, and large billboards, is the ideal choice of the full color, high precision printing, the printing quality is an important factor. Inkjet printing according to the printing color, can be divided into black and white ink-jet printing and color ink jet printing two. Black and white ink-jet printing in single ink, machine structure and the ink system also is simpler, accordingly, color ink jet printing is relatively complex. Screen printing screen printing technology, is the use of photographic materials produced by the method of photographic plate making screen printing plate ( Make the silk screen plate on the graphic part of the screen hole to hole, rather than the graphic part of the screen hole is plugged) 。 Through the scraper extrusion press, make the ink through the graphic on the part of the mesh is transferred to substrates, form is the same as the original graphic. Silk screen printing by the five elements, namely, screen plate, scraping scraping plate, printing ink, printing machine, and substrates. Silk screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, simple and low cost of printing, plate making, strong adaptability. Screen printing applied range of common print also has a lot of, such as color paintings, posters, business CARDS, book covers, product tags, and printing and dyeing textiles, etc. Two kinds of printing mode comparative analysis of the inkjet printing is after the silk screen printing and printing of new technology, like the silk screen printing on substrates is extensive, can be in different shapes, different materials of surface printing, strong adaptability, is currently the technology development is very rapid, the new printing method of expanding market, show great prospects for development. But as the old way of printing, silk screen printing in the process of development also show a hale and hearty side, especially the screen printing unique advantage in circuit board printing, also with more and more new technology in the application of screen printing screen printing makes a completely new look, still occupies a large market. Complementary advantages between the two kinds of printing way with two ways, can save the production time and rate. Even have a fully digital inkjet printer, job preparation time is short, the advantages of quick response to the market, but it isn't, inkjet printing a lot of faults is not suitable for mass printing, and only suitable for less than the printing of 1000 copies, therefore, silk screen printing in mass printing technology advantage is revealed. When to determine product packaging personalized printing can use this method, namely using inkjet printing for small batch printing first, after researching into the market, according to research results and the most popular design for mass printing, it not only save the cost, also can reduce waste and product time to market. Described above this kind of collocation is a kind of choice, of course there are other better ways to cooperate to use. My consumables of the net
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