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Ink-jet printing technology originated in the late 19th century, the rise in the 1990 s, it mainly includes: small, large-format inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
An inkjet printer, inkjet printing equipment, digital printing equipment, etc. As a product of digital and computer technology, inkjet printing covers a part of the traditional printing can't involve printing market, gradually expand to multiple areas, market prospects are very broad. As a kind of non-contact, no stress, no plate way of printing, inkjet printing by the system controller. Inkjet controller, nozzle, substrates and other components of the drive mechanism, printing ink in ink jet under the control of the controller, from the shower nozzle spray printing on substrates, color ink jet printer usually has high temperature and high pressure type print and atmospheric pressure type print in two ways. A growing number of packaging and printing enterprise saw inkjet technology advantage in the field of packaging, to use its such as plastic bottles, metal foil, personalized corrugated carton and profiled corrugated boxes, labels, etc for high quality printing directly on different packaging. Corrugated board inkjet printing as a result of the inkjet printer ink jet head do not contact with substrates, but through different ways of inkjet ink is passed on to the substrates, and don't need to stress, so this kind of printing way for corrugated cardboard printing surface uneven more embodies its superiority. Inkjet printing in order to realize a short delivery, shorten the cycle, and achieve little preparation and downtime provides a solution, and the solution can be successfully integrated in packaging production line, are more suitable for corrugated cardboard printing production. Ink-jet printing paper pulp molded packaging products change is concave and convex mold packaging products structure is more, the inkjet printing way of non-contact version without imaging printing, can be in a wide range of operating conditions change in pulp molded packaging products under the condition of every bump on the surface of printing out the clear words and patterns in a reliable way. The principle of which is to small drops from one or more of the spray printing head through the slot injection into a production line of each pulp molded products on the surface, form the text and pattern of dot matrix, printing machine controlled by a microprocessor for text pattern, through the role of the sensor and the speed of production line, to ensure that each of the pulp molded products can accurately on the printing requirements of graphic information. Ink jet is accomplished by pressure or electrostatic, can along the horizontal direction bottom-up and top-down, or spray print from any Angle, especially suitable for the structure shape changing the surface of the pulp molded packaging products printing. Label ink-jet printing due to the increasingly fierce market competition, many consumer goods manufacturers to launch new product cycles are getting shorter, more frequent replacement of product packaging speed. Therefore, manufacturers hope that label printing companies can in a short period of time, with fast printing out a small number of new design and new labels. Obviously, the traditional label printing method is difficult to meet the requirements of customers. In this situation, ink-jet printing equipment was label printing enterprise application gradually. Compared with the traditional way of printing, inkjet technology brings to the RFID tag printing faster speed and lower cost, can achieve a higher density of wiring is important. Packaging code inkjet printing at present, more and more manufacturers an considerable attention to the brand protection, in order to better protect the brand, manufacturer will play yards inkjet technology as a product packaging anti-counterfeiting technology. Through specialized software, ink-jet printer can print different coding on each product, the technology used is relatively simple, don't need a big change packaging form can make the product has the traceability function. Using inkjet technology of coding can be used to control the product quality and internal product tracking and the continuity of the code can contain simple code, discontinuity, concealed code or machine readable code. In addition, under the impetus of the concept of green packaging, inkjet UV offset printing ink as a bonus. At the same time, a variety of material compatible print also save a lot of cost for the enterprise. Is printed material coating, if there is a hole substrates and substrates is absorbing water, ink on the surface of the substrates, how effective, will be related to the packaging and printing operations planning, production efficiency and the rate of improvement. Therefore, packaging and printing enterprise should choose according to different packaging materials and the corresponding inkjet ink. Inkjet technology promoting the development of digital proofing. As close to the quality of the offset printing ink jet printing resolution level, will become the key technology of CTP workflow support, will take the place of offset printing plate proofing, printing proofing markets. Ink jet printing will coexist with silk screen printing. Large print past consistent advertising is silk screen printing, but in the near future, large-format digital print market share will gradually expand trend of the equipment. At a relatively low resolution inkjet printing methods at present, the larger printing format and performance, without being limited by the length of continuous printing has been on the street advertising, body advertising, light boxes, plaques, etc widely used. UV ink will increase in the application of inkjet printing machine. UV curing way now has been widely adopted by ink jet printing machine, UV inkjet print head of manufacturing technology, control technology in constant progress. Digital inkjet bright future in the field of packaging and printing. Inkjet printing in the future will become a mainstream technology and adopted by the packaging printing industry, play an important role in the future product packaging market.
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