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Ink jet printing technology 'miraculous' where is the printing technology, printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
Takeaway: computer control technology and the development of packaging technology, makes the inkjet printing developed rapidly, and to seize market quickly. Ink jet printing is the focus of the global printing industry development, in the half of the global total scale printing market in North America, annual income growth of 70% from inkjet printing. And ink-jet imaging technology breakthrough and development, will be printing this tradition with a long history important milestone in industry to complete the digital revolution. Using advanced ink-jet printing system, operators only need to press the keyboard when operating, can change need to print, sign, and various graphic, not only can be used for printing words and Numbers, also can choose extension bar code and user implementation ( Customers) Anti-fake mark spray printing function, but also can promote the development of related industries, is powerful. Inkjet printing system knowledge architecture inkjet printing system include: 1. Inkjet digital printing machine, high speed output ability is the foundation of the whole system hardware technology; 2. Digital workflow, software function is perfect, the performance of the supporting process, will exert large extent inkjet printing machine production capacity; 3. Online printing services platform, and Internet platforms seamlessly, can ensure the ink jet printing technology, variable, quickly features throughout the business chain. Inkjet printing system including nozzle, control system, ink and ink system, mechanical platform. As production equipment, ink-jet printing equipment efficiency, cost and variability are the elements of its future have broad application space, but they do need complex modern industrial technology to support. Provide technical support for inkjet printing, according to the personage inside course of study as a production equipment of ink-jet printing equipment to its efficiency, cost, variability has a broad application of space in the future, we must rely on complex industrial technology. Effective release of inkjet printing equipment production capacity, without software technology and strong support, comprehensive and inkjet printing five most relevant software key technology. 1. Particles, high-speed stack type raster data of the variability of the treatment technology of ink jet printing, will lead to the computation into geometric level amplifier, current technical solution has the following: the introduction of a 64 - bit, multithreading, multi-process hybrid operation method; The rasterizer particles is changed and the characteristics of the stackable. 2. Security printing control technology security control technology is the foundation of inkjet technology popularization and application, including electronic film technology, copyright control technology, data hiding technology, prevent copying technology. 3. Variable data generation and processing technology in the field of digital printing technology, variable data technology has broad application space, such as: color filling, random location according to the content changes; Bar code of the gradient, image filling, transparent patterns; According to the output ( Such as languages) Automatic matching template; Single element random rotation, mirror; Support RGB, CMYK, color, and database custom variable color. 4. Network control technology in the field of elements of inkjet technology, because the final imaging way big differences with traditional printing methods, has a very big change to the requirement of network. Basically has the following new control technology: low resolution and high network control technology, a number of deep am and FM screening technology, the transverse and longitudinal resolution of anisotropic and network technology. 5. Color management technology digital printing relative to traditional printing color management on the technical requirements and practical technology and put forward the higher request, mainly involving the following three aspects: based on GCR province inks for the color management technology, high color reduction control technology of control ( Based on the enumeration method of color calibration) Based on equipment calibration, color gray balance automatic control technology. Inkjet printing system has been far beyond the scope of traditional printing and it not only have the functions of black and white and color printing, also have the function of data processing and information storage. It analyzes the ( Installation) Memory storage that can store hundreds of independent encoding ( Digital or character sets, etc. ) And nearly all characters. It is connected to the computer, can realize work record and report the finishing and printing. When it is in series with the master, but also on the packaging ( Or other pieces of the printing) Spray print weight, satellite communication coming from a variety of data records, rendering atmosphere cloud, etc. Inkjet printing has other way incomparable advantages, such as intelligent wide adaptability, high speed, low cost, no pollution, etc. The operator can easily and quickly on the spot ( Movement) Date printed on the packing materials, specifications, warranty, number, bar code, etc. Inkjet printing products after the quick drying, can immediately into the next procedure. Different from the traditional packaging and printing, inkjet printing is no longer needed plate-making and special before printing auxiliary process. Storm caused relevant industry development scale in ink-jet printing technology, will trigger a printing related industry management form the overall reform, the changes will also cause the publishing industry, packaging industry, personalized products and other industries of the storm.
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