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Ink jet printing technology gradually open wide printing market, wide printing, digital printing _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
The development of science and technology always brings the progress of technology, along with the development of the printing industry, our country is gradually into the era of digital printing. At this point, the ink jet printing technology arises at the historic moment, and began to enter the wide printing market. The rapid development in recent years, China's printing industry, printing technology to usher in a new round of revolution. The personage inside course of study says, standing on the concept of technical development, digital printing is likely to develop faster and more widely, will change or even overthrow the traditional printing business philosophy. In recent years, digital printing in China is developing very rapidly, especially in small batch, individuation printing has been widely applied, variable data printing, etc. But in practice, some companies to reflect the China news publishing news reporter, compared with the traditional offset printing, digital printing in some aspects is not showed obvious advantages, can't completely replace the offset printing, the two can complement each other, complement each other. Inkjet digital printing is a kind of digital printing. From the international point of view, all inkjet digital printing presses in the phase of mass production application test, the application of it will change the traditional printing craft, the publishing process, distribution pattern, the application of medium and a series of operations. But I believe that this stage will than other new printing technology of application is shorter. Because the advocates of technological innovation is a group engaged in the IT industry manufacturers, their management ideas and technology idea is different from the past traditional printing, so standing on IT technology development ideas are likely to develop faster and more wide, will change or even overthrow the traditional printing printing business philosophy. Inkjet printing into wide printing industry is presented. Wide inkjet printing market has been 20 years from birth. The market demand for water-based wide inkjet printers to stabilize gradually; ; Has evolved into the market at present dominated by three manufacturers of product upgrading, the competition between them mainly depend on the distribution network and equipment prices, rather than a product innovation; This is a sign of mature markets. Now, use environmental protection type solvent ink and emulsion ink printing machine is wide inkjet printing market mainstream product, its price usually in 3. Below $50000, the price can be accepted by most printing service providers. Wide printing market mainly innovation reflected on the UV curing ink jet printers. UV ink can be printed on the flexible and rigid material, the printing quality can even and offset printing, UV curing ink jet printing as many are seeking new investment in the direction of the choice of screen printing business. Wide the flexibility of ink-jet printing technology, make its ability to both indoor and outdoor products printing; Especially in the UV curing ink's ability to adapt to the flexible and rigid material makes it not only suitable for wide printing, can also be applied to commercial printing. Commercial printers are looking for ways to open up new profit point, at this time is suddenly enlighted, originally many core clients all have wide printing business requirements. Interestingly, currently USES wide printing printing products and the resulting revenue growth is usually more than equipment manufacturers at the beginning of the imagination. Who can imagine the body like advertising can become a major marketing carrier as it is today, in addition to printing, installed capacity increased 4 times income. Scan focus on advertising sales network, to learn more about advertising news contents. Wide inkjet printing technology can adapt to the range of material will be further widened. This also cater to the retailers and consumer demand for more choice. Imagine, retail store poster as product line update transformation time every 3 months, our thinking can also jump out of the posters, imagine what made of flexible poster cloth material, including the product itself, is the use of digital printing. So, decoration market ( Including advertising) Will also be a wide printing application is an important and growing areas. China packaging printing machinery network
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