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Ink-jet printing or variable data printing market is the decisive factor printing, variable data printing,

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
Global variable data printing market the proportion of total output in the whole printing market is bigger and bigger, and ink-jet printing rapid development in recent years, and will become the decisive factor of variable data printing market growth. Pine company of global printing market development in 2012 made a survey report, report the different printing way for variable data printing production related data: among them, using traditional printing technology of production is expected in the next five years to 0. Composite negative 5% annual growth rate; The production of electrostatic printing technology is expected to 1. 5% compound annual rate of growth, the production of inkjet printing technology in the next five years growth fast, compound annual growth rate is expected to be 14. 2%. Global market for variable data printing production ratio of the total accounted for the entire printing market will also be from 8 in 2012. 2% growth in 2017 to 14. 2%. Pine company at the same time the report on the global market for variable data printing each area also has carried on the detailed investigation and study. According to the survey found that in North America and Western Europe is now a large share of global variable data printing area market, its in the field of direct mail printing and other documents to print using digital printing technology level is far more than the rest of the world level, especially in the area of inkjet printing technology. In addition, in emerging markets such as eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, variable data digital printing production also. Although the application of digital printing technology in these areas is not very wide, but growth rate very surprising, annual growth rate at 20%. Specific areas, contribute to the 2012 global market for variable data printing production big direct-mail market was the first, a total of 264 billion printed ( A4) , is expected in the next five years will be an increase of 19%. But in the growth of the market also is not plain sailing, like other printing market areas of difficulties, digital also in through the variable data printing market, especially the notes, checks, financial transactions and direct-mail market in recent years, high speed, high quality of ink-jet printing technology become the technology of the variable data printing market. As pine company mentioned in the report, even if the other technology of variable data printing production will not increase, but the ink jet printing technology market growth is assured, and there will be a double-digit growth, the future of variable data printing production is the result of ink-jet printing technology most in the future. Automobil printing net
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