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Ink-jet printing or in China has entered the mature stage driving the development of printing paper _ digital printing, printing technology _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
Takeaway: with the deepening of China's reform and opening up gradually, the increasing of the national economy, the people material life level enhancement, the wide application of computer, digital camera, the application areas of ink-jet printing technology has become more and more widely. With the further development of computer application, as a common information recording medium, printing paper demand is rising rapidly. On the market at present a lot of types of printing paper, common can be divided into: stylus printer with paper, inkjet printer with paper, laser printer paper, other types of paper. Now in addition to the general common printing paper, the domestic market most modern office machine special paper, such as: ink-jet paper, glossy paper, light paper, transparent film, high and wide film, light box piece, fiber paper, such as heat transfer medium is dependent on imports. Champ consulting industry analysts pointed out that, along with our country reform and open policy of gradually thorough, the increasing of the national economy, the people material life level enhancement, the wide application of computer, digital camera, the application field of ink-jet printing technology has more and more widely, in order to obtain more vivid, more exquisite, can be comparable to those of traditional print effect pictures, color inkjet printing paper must be used as printing media, to achieve the ideal effect. 1995 years ago, the domestic market of color ink-jet printing paper are almost all imported products. Later, in the introduction, digestion, absorption, on the basis of color ink-jet printing paper production technology abroad, some domestic manufacturers have dedicated to the research and development of color ink-jet printing paper and other products and technology, some manufacturers use joint venture cooperation form such as the introduction of foreign advanced production technology and equipment production of color ink-jet printing materials. In the late 1990 s, domestic brands of color ink-jet printing materials in the domestic market represents a large share of the market. At present, compared with foreign color ink-jet printing paper, color reducibility, the resolution of the domestic like product, paper quality, can fully meet the requirements of all kinds of color ink jet printing effect. According to industry statistics, in 2000, the Chinese color ink-jet printing paper consumption is less than 1 year. 50000 tons, but by 2006, the output of color ink-jet printing paper is close to 100000 tons, annual growth rate of 40%, color inkjet printing paper to get fast development. The development trend of ink-jet printing paper depends largely on the development of ink-jet printing technology and the demand of the market. The personage inside course of study is generally believed that at present, inkjet printing technology has entered the mature stage, ink-jet printing commercialization has made progress in many aspects, cost decline dramatically, color printing market expand rapidly. And recent studies of ink-jet printing paper work mostly focused on the development of high quality and low price of special paper and paper two aspects. Promulgated by the champ, 2015 - In 2020 China ink-jet printing paper industry forecast and analysis of investment strategy research report, with the size (A4 size 210毫米~ 297毫米) Paper as an example of a general quality of the coating color paper prices at 0. 40 ~ 1. 00 yuan is relatively low in 0. 5 yuan paper at 0. 9 yuan and a photographic quality ink-jet printing paper prices in 5 ~ 6 yuan while a film for the ink-jet printing price in 6 ~ 10 yuan of ordinary inkjet paper at zero cost. Will not exceed 0 10 RMB sales price. 15 yuan. Di culture network
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