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Ink-jet printing market over the next five years, or to achieve double-digit growth _ digital printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-08
News: along with the increase in printing equipment suppliers inkjet markets around the world are experiencing strong growth. According to pyrrha international, according to a study by 2015, according to the value calculation of inkjet market is expected the compound growth rate will reach 10. 3%, according to the printing volume will reach 10. 9%. , according to research pyrrha international ink jet technology are expanding into the large images, labels, packaging, and the sign of a huge market, is expected to 15 to 25 years in the future the market will become one of the main commercial printing market. Pyrrha, Adam, head of the international editorial Page says: the market is very resilient have closely linked to many areas, including: a narrow, broad, large format, high-speed offset, sheet-fed and so on, we are looking for a faster, more stable equipment. For those who focus on the technology of commercial and industrial users of these areas would provide a huge market opportunity. Inkjet printing market in 2009, total amount is $26. 8 billion, compared with 2005 increased by 58. 2%. Pyrrha international is expected to average compound growth from 2010 to 2015 will remain at 10. About 3%, the total market will reach $46. 5 billion. The equivalent of 352. 6 billion A4 print, it has risen by 68 from 2010. 1%. In terms of market value, sign ( Include stores advertisements, posters, display advertising, banner ads, car body) Occupy the vast majority of inkjet market. As the screen printing enterprises find market presents the printing speed is lower but conversion faster trend, badge printing and display advertising inkjet printing market has experienced a rapid development period. Label printing market is expected to reach $16. 3 billion in 2010, by 2015 the market will reach $22 billion, accounts for all inkjet 47 of the market. 2%. Sign printing area is expected to be reached 3 in between 2010 and 2015. The compound growth rate 8%, at the same time this area will also show the 6. The average growth rate of around 1%. Ink jet printing on many other terminal market will maintain growth ( Including: commercial printing, newspapers, direct mail, packaging and labelling, etc. ) 。 Keep ink jet printing in these markets is expected double-digit growth. Page explains, in the next five years, we will see in all areas of the market will appear to improve production efficiency and product quality of sports, this will allow the inkjet printing relative to the screen printing, flexo printing, gravure printing and glue printing more competitive. Innovation is more and more strong in the industry. A relatively new application field is printed electronics, circuit board to RFID to display and lighting. Inkjet has also been used to mark and decorative tablets and decorate the candy and baked goods. Automobil printing net
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