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Ink-jet printing is not a dream! OLED panel or 2020 printing, printing process

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
Since 2016, the display technology rapid development, including the FMM evaporation and inkjet printing OLED technology become a hot spot. Fine metal mask board ( FMM) Evaporation and inkjet printing is the main difference between equipment and materials to make the organic layer. Manufactured FMM the organic layer, need to use a vacuum equipment. Solid materials are added to the device, and then by heating the OLED evaporation materials. Evaporation source through the mask by way of design of pigment coating on the substrate surface. But the ink-jet printing principle of OLED are different. The basic principle and common inkjet printer like home and office. Ink-jet printing method mainly use organic solvent to OLED materials to melt, and then the material directly spray on substrate surface R ( Red) 、G( Green) 、B( Blue) Organic light emitting layer. OLED printing process relative to the typical FMM ( Fine metal mask) Technology has the following advantages. The second, first of all, the process is more simple, more efficient organic light-emitting materials, third, easier to handle large substrates, especially Gen8 and above size panel, after is the manufacturing cost is lower. With these advantages, printing process is mainly in view of the large size substrate, especially Gen8 and developed more than TV panel. However, the printing process, there are some defects. In fact, there isn't enough material printing type OLED technology to large-scale production, but the goal of many industry participants in 2018 before development can be mass production of the printing process. South Korea panel makers in the OLED printing technology research and development in the status. Printing process for large size base plate evaporation replaced, because lg display ( lg display) Is currently the OLED TV panel manufacturers, so the printing technology research and development is particularly active in OLED. In fact, lg display has been in South Korea set up the OLED Gen8 size printing process on production line test equipment in order to study. However, due to the luminescent material is still under development, a lot of work depends on the material manufacturer, not panel makers. Seems to be developed to meet the performance standards required for display panel material also requires more time. Many manufacturers, and even China's emerging manufacturers are in development for OLED production of printing process. However, given the current technology, experience, and materials research and development present situation, compared with panel makers expect seems to take more time. IHSMarkit think this goal will be realized in around 2020. The Internet
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