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Ink-jet printing flexible high conductive electrode in the United States to achieve _ graphene sheets ink, inkjet printing, the flexible electrodes, northwestern university

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
Recently, the related media reports, northwestern university institute of materials science and engineering researchers using graphene sheets with ink, in ink-jet printing mode, print out the conductivity increased 250 times when, folding flexible electrode conductivity only slightly lower, the future is likely to produce low, sharp, folding and the delicate electronic equipment. Graphene printing one of the important steps is to obtain a large amount of graphene. By spinning off now in the production of pure graphene method, commonly used solvents and surfactants can leave a residue, thus reducing its conductivity. Another problem is that small graphite flake is very tall to the requirement of stability of printing, and also reduces the conductivity near its vast flake. To overcome these problems, the researchers have developed a new method, can be in the room temperature using ethanol as solvent and ethyl cellulose as the stability of the surface active agent, ethanol and ethyl cellulose will not produce residues. New method to produce graphene in black powder, the size of the graphene sheets about 50 & times; 50 square nanometers, thickness is about 2 nm. Although the small sheet size will have innumerable the snowflake connection between graphene, but compared with other surfactants, high stability of the ethyl cellulose polymers greatly reduces the resistance between the chip. Researchers have scattered graphene black powder to create liquid ink solvents. Found in the demo, graphene in printing ink showed excellent shape and electrical conductivity, print mode is very suitable for printing electrode. They also for polyimide substrate, to evaluate the mechanical properties of graphene ink, found that the conductivity of ink is very high, even large bending substrate, even started to crack, conductivity remains unchanged. When they collapsed the base board, only a 5% reduction in the conductivity of the ink. Mechanical performance test showed that graphene ink can be used in the production of folding electronic equipment in the future. Researchers Ethan B, he explained, ink-jet printing can be low cost, large area to print out the flexible base, is the production of electronic components of an attractive method. Previous studies have inkjet print transistors, solar cells, light-emitting diodes, sensors and other components, but the print high conductive electrode remains a challenge, because it requires a very fine resolution. The new study turning graphene with high electrical conductivity, chemical stability, hope that graphene can be used as ink to print out the electrode. Northwestern university professor mark said: essentially, all of the electronic devices and circuit needs high conductivity and high resolution electronic contact and interconnection. Accordingly, graphene is likely to affect the ink is very broad scope of application of flexible electronics, especially collapsible electronic equipment. The application of these types of electronic equipment including smart phones, tablets, flat panel display and solar cells. He also said that the future focus on the graphene print used in the assembly of electronic devices and circuit, including the application in the field of all kinds of products listed above. Shijiazhuang printing net
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