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Ink-jet printing business self moved to the UK to create 100 jobs

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
Ink-jet printing manufacturers sell the company also plans to Sweden moved to the UK 7 colour printing factory, a move that will bring 100 jobs for the UK. Self is a company based in Cambridge, inkjet technology, we have produced Xaar1001 ink-jet printer, recently launched the electrons and protons wide inkjet head. The company has to plan its business within two years from Sweden J? rf? Huntington lla transferred to Britain. Recently, the company reported its 2008 full-year results after relocating announced the decision. Company in 2008 in pre-tax profit of 4. 4 million pounds, turnover 42 million offset printer, compared with 2007. ( Turnover 2007 pre-tax profit of 7. 3 million pounds, 47. 9 million pounds) 。 Cernet corporation chief executive IanDinwoodie said: the company's performance is closely combined with the current economic form. For the progress of the digital technology is applied to the market, he also expressed disappointment. Last year drew, referred to as' inkjet drew ba, in order to transform this appellation for real business, we must continue to work hard. The company in London stock exchange said in a statement of letterpress printing machine, inkjet frustratingly slow the development of the market, a number of digital original equipment manufacturers have a large number of vested interests are dependent on traditional printing technology. Rumors of cernet corporation is an alliance with a traditional printing machine manufacturers, the company said, although discussions with several companies, but has yet to implement to the details. Shantou printing last year, generalize the electrons and protons ink jet head, cernet corporation goal is large and super wide market. Dinwoodie said: last year we lost part position in the market, is now back. In addition, we also in label printing and ceramic tile decoration market made good progress. The company has carried out some cost saving measures, including the proposed move to the UK.
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