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Ink-jet printing and how to do better the eight point analytical _ printing, printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-10
Takeaway: inkjet printing is after the silk screen printing and printing of new technology, it is with the continuous development of the computer control technology and packaging technology developed rapidly, now in many modern factories and packaging applications to automatic line. Inkjet printing ink jet printing has other way incomparable advantages, such as intelligent wide adaptability, high speed, low cost, no pollution, etc. The operator can easily and quickly on the spot ( Movement) Date printed on the packing materials, specifications, warranty, number, bar code, etc. Inkjet printing products after the quick drying, can immediately into the next procedure. Different from the traditional packaging and printing, inkjet printing is no longer needed plate-making and special before printing auxiliary process. In inkjet printing, in order to guarantee the outcome, we must do more appropriate control parameters of printing ink, water-based ink, for example, the control for the press has the following several conditions: 1. In order to does not block ink-jet printer, so must be zero. 2μ M filter. 2. Sodium chloride content should be less than 100 PPM. Sodium chloride can make dye settling down, and sodium chloride containing corrosive, especially easy to nozzle in the bubble ink-jet system corrosion, although nozzles are made of titanium, it will be sodium chloride corrosion at high temperature. 3. Have the effect of buffer solution. Ink pH stability, some dye deposits because of the change of pH value. 4. Viscosity control ( 1 ~ 5 cp) 。 Micro piezoelectric ink jet system for viscosity demand is higher, bubble ink-jet system to low viscosity requirements. 5. Surface tension ( 30~60dyne/cm) 。 Micro piezoelectric ink jet system with low requirement to the surface tension, bubble ink-jet system higher requirements for surface tension. 6. Dry faster just right. Fast easy plug ink-jet printer or ink, too slow to spread, make dot overlap is serious. 7. Shelf life. Ink from factory to consumer is almost three months after operation, usually for one year, the general ink deposit a year need to through 0. 2μ M filter. 8. Thermal stability. To dye bubble ink-jet system thermal stability is better, because bubble inkjet ink system to be heated to 400 ℃ high temperature, if the dye can not high temperature will break down or become angry. In the nature of ink parameters do good control at the same time, in the use of ink, when to get to printing quality, the method of use must be correct, in the pre-press, printing and after printing time to monitor the performance of the ink, printing environment and storage conditions, such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness and air flow will have an effect on performance of ink-jet printing ink. In addition, after printing, inkjet ink and may be exposed to adverse circumstances, such as UV, ozone, adhesive and corrosive environment. All of these factors may make the decrease of the quality of the printed products, according to the need to select ink type, ensure the prepress and post-press can meet the needs of the printing environment. Ink-jet printing ink is a chemical product, should do the appropriate processing to it, to ensure safety. MSDS material safety data sheet is some operational guidelines, to ensure that the ink storage, use, transport and handling is done under the condition of the specification. Good equipment may not be able to get good printing quality. For inkjet printing, select the appropriate ink, understand all kinds of printing ink, the applicable scope by adjusting the parameters of the good ink, good monitoring inkjet printing ink in the process of change, the control environment, only in this way can maintain the stability of the production and the quality of the products. China packaging printing machinery network
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