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Ink jet as a can obviously reduce the short version live and on-demand printing production cost of technology is crucial for the whole printing supply chain, it can

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
Many new opportunities for printing enterprises. Early start in the printing industry on a large scale using ink-jet printing is a branch of the advertising printing; ; Visual communication field. With the launch of inkjet technology, a lot of silk screen printing plant began using large-format inkjet printing to produce short version live, in order to reduce their production costs. Advertising is still the inkjet printing an important market, but along with the other application matures, its share in the market share falling. In 2009, advertising accounted for about 70 of the total inkjet market share. 5%, and by the year 2014 and 2019, it is in the inkjet market share will fall to 58, respectively. 7% and 46%. Inkjet technology advantage is able to non-contact imaging, which makes people in a printing system, ink, and the choice of substrates with greater flexibility. Inkjet printer can in almost any printing on substrates, including the irregular shape of the object. This for the application of inkjet technology in packaging field laid a good foundation, and packaging market during the period of 2014 to 2019, the average annual growth rate will reach 15. 9%, and has huge potential. Inkjet printing, was born in China's market demand inkjet printing technology has been more than seven years, globally active with numerous inkjet printing equipment manufacturer, especially in the recent 3 years, with the growing Chinese printing market, and speed up the pace of industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading of printing enterprise demands a strong, strong demand for new technology. In this context, a growing number of inkjet printing equipment manufacturing companies choose to set up shop in China, also makes the market more competitive. Then,, highlighting the market has become saturated? Inkjet printing market is still only in its early development stage, is not a mature market, needs further development. U. S. vice President Robert, xerox graphic images, buhler exciting answer for the above problems. Not only that, from the United States of digital printing industry business and technical consultancy, I. T strategy the President of the company other matters more said: in Asia, the book is one of the core application of inkjet printing equipment. The above conclusions, makhan thought, this is due to Asia is a large consumer market, this feature is a big difference with Europe and the United States. Books, Asian market development space is huge; Direct mail and commercial paper, the European market is far greater than the Asian market. Not long ago, China publishing group company and affiliated China book import and export ( Group) Corporation and the world leading companies cooperation launched the digital printing enterprise lightning source books on-demand printing business around the world, this is Chinese book with the aid of digital printing technology go out the milestone, this event has been peer attention at home and abroad. Makhan thought, this will help the Chinese publishers to enter the European and American markets, and it is also expected in European market. For inkjet printing, the importance of the book market. Makhan, again, in China, the market is particularly important. Many countries in Europe and the United States, saves the publication of the book printing enterprise outsourcing to China to do it. China and the rest of the world, market development speed is very fast, China is the world's factory in the past, now China has entered the second phase of development, various factors make this market potential is tremendous. And China will be an example to other Asian countries is very good. Especially in the digital printing and inkjet technology will play a role. Makhan said. Ink-jet printing development drives the ink-jet printing paper demand growth with the further development of computer application, as a common information recording medium, printing paper demand is rising rapidly. On the market at present a lot of types of printing paper, common can be divided into: stylus printer with paper, inkjet printer with paper, laser printer paper, other types of paper. Now in addition to the general common printing paper, the domestic market most modern office machine special paper, such as: ink-jet paper, glossy paper, light paper, transparent film, high and wide film, light box piece, fiber paper, such as heat transfer medium is dependent on imports. Along with our country reform and open policy gradually thorough, the increasing of the national economy, the people material life level enhancement, the wide application of computer, digital camera, the application field of ink-jet printing technology has more and more widely, in order to obtain more vivid, more exquisite, can be comparable to those of traditional print effect pictures, color inkjet printing paper must be used as printing media, to achieve the ideal effect. At present, compared with foreign color ink-jet printing paper, color reducibility, the resolution of the domestic like product, paper quality, can fully meet the requirements of all kinds of color ink jet printing effect. The development trend of ink-jet printing paper depends largely on the development of ink-jet printing technology and the demand of the market. The personage inside course of study is generally believed that at present, inkjet printing technology has entered the mature stage, ink-jet printing commercialization has made progress in many aspects, cost decline dramatically, color printing market expand rapidly. And recent studies of ink-jet printing paper work mostly focused on the development of high quality and low price of special paper and paper two aspects.
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