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Ink inkjet printer ink consumables big secret

by:Arojet     2021-07-29

Dye inks and pigment inks are two common consumables for inkjet printers, and they are also important media for inkjet printers to produce inkjet printing effects, which play a decisive role in inkjet printers. These two inks also present their own characteristics in different aspects, and their applications in different industries are also very different. What are their characteristics, let us uncover their mystery in detail. The color performance or color gamut of dye ink is better, and the effect on the surface of stable material is better. But it is undeniable that the final effect of dye ink is that it reacts with the material to a certain extent, so its stability performance is slightly worse, and it is also slightly worse than nutrient ink in terms of light resistance and water resistance. The fundamental reason is that under the conditions of light, oxidation, and humidity, a single dye molecule is prone to chemical changes. Different from dye ink, the part of pigment ink that shows color is the state of clusters of hundreds of millions of pigment molecules. It does not need to produce any chemical reaction to express the desired color. Therefore, environmental changes affect the pigment. The weakening of its own role means that its own stability has become stronger. Dye-type and pigment-type inks are also distinguished in particle size. The molecule of dye-based ink is much smaller than that of pigment-based ink, which makes its application range in micro-character and small-character inkjet machines larger. The stability of the pigment-based ink itself makes it unique in the application of stable material surfaces.

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