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Industrial inkjet printing market trend analysis _ _ local news printing market

by:Arojet     2021-04-26

the Netherlands DigitalDemand magazine reported: at present, in the inkjet printing market, status in Western Europe, followed by Asia and North America. By 2010, Asia is expected to more than Western Europe occupy the position. China's ink-jet printing market after the United States; The British in 2008 inkjet sales of 1. 2 billion euros.

is the main application field for inkjet printing signs, logo printing, Including banner, point of sale advertising, etc. ) , can in textiles, paper, plastic, metal, etc on the soft and hard medium printing graphic is an important characteristic of inkjet printing. According to statistics, in 2008 the global inkjet printing plate printing output value of 6. 5 billion euros ( Among them, the Chinese signs marking the market value of 1. 5 billion euros. ) Increased by 57%, more than 2003, predicts will grow by 52% in 2013. 2008 ink-jet printing output to 3 in the field of anti-counterfeiting printing. Euro 9. 1 billion, increased by 94% than in 2003. Label printing ink jet printing faster-growing areas, the output value of 2008 at 8. A 6. 7 billion euro ( In 2003, the output is only 3. 5. 5 billion euros) 。

inkjet printing is now involved in all of the packaging, such as corrugated paper printing, paper printing, flexible packaging printing, label printing, metal cans.

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