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Industrial inkjet downstream market demand growth trend of digitized into _ transformation, digital printing, printing machinery

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
Takeaway: with the progress of ink and printer technology to promote the rapid development of the overall market, a growing number of terminal market from traditional printing to digital printing, inkjet technology to support the ink-jet printing will be the new development. With the expanding of printing color gamut, the improvement of resolution, as well as the increase of substrate types, market urgently need more high performance of the ink. Ink and printer technology progress to promote the rapid development of the overall market, a growing number of terminal market from traditional printing to digital printing, inkjet technology to support the ink-jet printing will be the new development. Industrial printing ( Textiles, decorative materials, etc. ) Also in the digital road fast forward. With inkjet technology to support the market operation situation of inkjet printing in the printing industry markets around the world, ink-jet printing is an important focus. Data show that in half of the global total scale printing market in North America, 70% of the annual revenue growth from inkjet printing. Although ink-jet printing equipment industry in China started late, but developed rapidly in recent years. On the regional distribution, ink-jet printing equipment production enterprise mainly concentrated in the economically developed pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and the bohai sea area. In the Chinese market, by 2015, our country inkjet printing equipment market scale will reach 86. 600 million yuan. Developing trend, the market concentration degree unceasing enhancement, in the field of environmental protection printing into the mainstream, the market continued to expand. Inkjet printing application domain expands unceasingly, the downstream market demand growing inkjet printing technology application in the field of expanding will boost the downstream demand of digital ink jet printing. Nowadays, the application of inkjet printing technology field from outdoor advertising, etc. , extended to the pottery, ceramic tile, label printing, textile printing, glass ornaments, etc. , and there is growing trend. Digital ink jet printing market demand in China although lags behind the United States and Europe, but in recent years, development speed, the market has huge potential. Inkjet printing equipment to the large-scale production expansion in recent years, some production printing enterprise in order to improve the structure of their products, quickly responded to the requirements of the order, ink-jet printing equipment has be applied to ceramic tile printing, label printing, variable data publishing such as the mass injection production areas. In the future, as the speed of digital ink jet printing equipment spray printing, nozzle array application technology development, the stability of the jet printing and ink technology to improve, ink-jet printing is expected to cost, speed and quality progress, instead of part of the traditional silk screen, the application of the traditional printing industry such as roller, to better meet the needs of the downstream mass production application. Green spurts India will become the mainstream in the future, in the future to expanding inkjet printing technology areas, in addition to the requirements in the process of spray print job jet printing operation and energy saving, no harm to the working environment, the downstream applications ( Such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and tobacco package, etc. ) The printing products need to accord with low solvent residue, peculiar smell of small, non-toxic, non-polluting requirements. Future inkjet printing equipment design will tend to be low energy consumption, simplify the operation process, to reduce the harmful gases such as direction. Although in recent years there have been new manufacturers into the industry, but in industry market as a whole, concentration will be continually improved, strong r&d strength, strength and good reputation manufacturer's market share will be growing. Many simple r&d assembled or OEM products directly, and then enter the market and low price competition, the enterprise will face the survival crisis, was eliminated by the market. Thus, the printing industry in the future in the market, Chinese ink jet printing market will usher in a new development period.
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