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Industrial inkjet companies once again to launch a new _ labels and label printing unit

by:Arojet     2021-04-26
News: Britain's industrial inkjet co. , LTD. ( IndustrialInkjetLtd, IIJ abbreviations) Is konica minolta inkjet technology co. , LTD. , partner, a few days ago, the company introduced a new printing unit again, this makes the company is rich in ink-jet printing system further. This called MonoPrint module can use glazing oil and white ink printing. The existing printing often cannot meet the needs of the printing enterprise, like many additional color digital printing system can't support, including white and transparent glazing oil. Ink jet printing is a kind of digital printing, with digital printing technology and advantage, can realize print-on-demand and variable data printing. MonoPrint equipped with glazing oil or white ink, is specially designed specifically for this demand, the ink-jet printing unit can be installed on the existing printing machine. Labels and labeling
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