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Industrial applications of high resolution inkjet printers

by:Arojet     2021-07-23
In the industrial field, there is often a need to print more complex text patterns on the surface of various products. However, ordinary inkjet printers can only print relatively simple small digital fonts, which cannot meet this demand. Under such market demand, the emergence of high-resolution inkjet printers has become an inevitable development of the market. What is a high-resolution inkjet printer From a professional point of view, high-resolution inkjet printers are also called analytical inkjet printers and high-resolution inkjet printers. For non-professionals, it is difficult to understand his functions literally. This type of inkjet printer has a printing resolution of more than 200DPI, so it is distinguished from another single nozzle CIJ dot matrix DOD small character inkjet printer, and it is called a high-resolution inkjet printer. According to experts, the high-resolution inkjet printer uses the same coding method as the commonly used pinhole printers in the office, but it has been improved to be more suitable for the factory operating environment. It can print any font set on the computer, and can print the merchant's unique LOGO logo on the products produced by the merchant, deepen the customer's impression of the branded products, and more conducive to the merchant to improve the product awareness. In addition, information such as production date, product batch number, and shift can also be printed to provide convenience for product tracking and recording. High-resolution inkjet printer technology has now been applied to every corner, especially the most widely used in industry.
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