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by:Arojet     2021-05-01
Recently, the large photovoltaic equipment suppliers, a subsidiary of Switzerland says it has successfully for the printing of single crystal high-performance solar cells provide inkjet printer. This both for new energy industry and is a breakthrough for the printing industry. Switzerland has large photovoltaic equipment suppliers MeyerBurger Roth& PSV eindhoven in the Netherlands, subsidiary; 儒伯。 V。 Claim to have successful completion of the contract, high-performance solar cells provide inkjet printer for printing single crystal. With Roth& He's PiXDRO inkjet printing technology, MeyerBurger is a global can provide photovoltaic cell mass production printing process of the enterprise. The contract also includes MeyerBurger another subsidiary HenneckeSystems delivery silicon chip detection system, is worth about 3. 5 million Swiss francs ( $4. 8 million) 。 MeyerBurger said, buy equipment customers from Malaysia, is expected to reach the country's second or third quarter in 2014, production field. MeyerBurger pointed out that the highly industrialized PiXDROJETx ink-jet printing system can be widely used in solar energy and electronic industry. Based on highly sophisticated printing technology, high precision positioning technology and technology, non-contact deposits PiXDROJETx is applicable to the solar cell mass production system around the world. In addition, the printing systems that can perform before and after printing, the printing speed can reach 900 pieces per hour wafers. China packaging printing machinery network
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