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In recent years, the application of digital ink jet technology culture art print copy of enterprises to develop rapidly. At present in terms of the structure of products mainly include:

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
High simulation painting and calligraphy copy; Printmaking; Photography art replication; Accessories production; Gifts production; Art books, and so on, in the printing industry has formed a certain scale of the cultural creative industry group, and on the cultural creative industry development of China's printing industry has played a role. As the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo was held in China, all kinds of meetings, travel, gift market demand, in particular, to further expand the market space. Lu Changan believes that the traditional printing enterprises in our country in the 12th five-year period, facing the green printing and digital printing project an important task of upgrading. Digital printing is the digital graphic information directly in the process of substrates on copy. The whole process of digital printing is the process of digital flow of graphic information, at the same time can achieve on-demand printing, variable data printing and network transmission. Inkjet printing equipment has been widely used in many enterprises in recent years, digital proofing and small batch printing production process, there will be more widely used in the future. It is understood that the inkjet printing equipment industry in our country develop very fast in recent years. According to customs statistics, in 2010 China's inkjet printer imports of 240000, exports reached 12. 650000 units, the total imports and exports reached 5. $1. 9 billion, the Chinese ink jet printing in the global market share is growing steadily. The main cultural art printing copy output device; ; Wide wide spray equipment is an important part of inkjet printing equipment industry. At present, China's wide wide spray equipment manufacturing industry has entered a stage of highlighting fully market-oriented competition. According to incomplete statistics, printing association at present, the domestic engaged in painting equipment manufacturing manufacturers about more than 100, spray equipment output 1. More than 8 meters wide about 30000 units, 1. 8 meters wide, including 1. 8 meters wide reach nearly 100000 units, spraying equipment, the annual sales of 4 billion yuan in China, of which about 50% of its sales from the export. After 10 years of development, China has become the world's largest producer of the spray equipment. In recent years, with the progress of inkjet technology, based on digital printing inkjet technology becomes the development direction of future potential for digital printing, the domestic many large traditional printing machinery manufacturers, such as Shanghai electric also gradually realized the importance of digital printing technology, began to involvement in this area. But digital ink jet printing machine core components; ; Inkjet print head, our country has yet to research and development, can only rely on imports. Both countries, said many policy support Lu Changan printing industry double attribute of the cultural industry and processing industry, is our country national economy important department. Promulgated by the State Council in August of 2009, the cultural industry revitalization planning, printing and duplicating industry as one of the nine focus on the development of cultural industry. This further clarify the printing industry in the strategic position of the national economic and social development, to the development of China's printing industry provides a rare historical opportunity. For the implementation of the cultural industry revitalization planning, be formulated by the state general administration of press and publication of 'green printing and digital printing project' listed in the national twelfth five-year key engineering projects, at the same time as the industry planning and implementation. Lu Changan is introduced, the 12th five-year plan, the digital printing will focus on developing inkjet digital printing and realize industrialization, the main contents include: ink jet control key technology; Digital front-end software engineering; Ink system technology; Ink jet head key technology digestion and absorption; Equipment manufacturing key technologies; System integration and pilot base construction. Printing industry the digital work will focus on: content resources database application demonstration; CTP key technology research and development and industrialization of plate; Fully digital print production and management process technology development and application demonstration; High-performance printing equipment numerical control key technology development; Chinese character font library digital technology development; Digital key production technology development and industrialization of nanometer process. In addition, the ministry has published the key generic technology development guide ( 2011). 'Will inkjet digital printing as a common key technology of printing machinery industry, and for the product research and development, the government will give policy support. Printing and printing equipment industry association in recent years, China has been trying to promote domestic research and industrialization of digital printing equipment, through the ministry of industry and the National Development and Reform Commission, general administration of press and publication, and other countries by the competent department of communication and recommendation, contributed to the ministry of industry in key industries and technical transformation project of ink-jet printing technology funding, association of tariff and the Treasury Department of communication, also contributed to the piezoelectric inkjet print head lower import tariffs, these measures promoted the development of the domestic inkjet digital printing equipment manufacturing. In the future, China's printing and printing equipment industry association will continue to push related domestic manufacturers cooperation, promote the development of digital printing related industry chain, for countries more supporting policies and support matching funds, strive to make our country's digital printing equipment manufacturing has reached the international level
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