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In recent 3 years, with the growing Chinese printing market, and speed up the pace of industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading of printing enterprise demands intense,

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
Strong demand for new technology. Internet for ink-jet printing on the wings to fly the advent of the era of Internet, make have inextricably relationship between print and the Internet, especially in the digital creative has obvious commercial printing effect, through the network to the printing system to file, check production and tracking order has gradually become the norm of printing enterprise. The norm for printing process to get a lot of changes to reduce costs. Agee Nielsen media research company, according to a report published in 78. 2% of all online users have bought things on the Internet. Print service providers have noticed the trend for their enterprise means a new growth opportunities and printing services to enhance customer relationship through the network. The Internet changed the world also is not a magical prediction, today, we have a clear experience to his profound influence to printing. Internet technology has from a new technology of printing into a medium that can be most printing suppliers and most sellers received solution. It not only changed the way people order printed materials, but also changed the business process of printing service suppliers and buyers. Such as some network has been basically achieved breaking up the barriers of the design and printing industry, providing customers with convenient, fast, low cost design printing solutions, so that in the decoration industry, exhibition industry, leather textile printing industry and other fields to provide service to our customers. In the near future network printing in commercial printing and the proportion of will reach more than 30%, so the income of network printing will also increase. Can say network printing printing industry is a new business model, a new growth point. This will break the print regional restriction, expand the market, also have more choices for consumers. The development of network printing will also promote the development of the ink-jet printing industry. With the increase of printing order, fast delivery, and request the status quo of printing devices demand will increase, the printing speed requirements for printing devices will also be higher. Ink-jet printing in the next few years will enter a rapid growth, according to smithers pie, new research shows that global inkjet market from 2014 to 2019 period of strong growth, annual growth will remain at 12. About 7%. Ink jet as a can obviously decrease the short version live and on-demand printing production cost of technology is crucial for the whole printing supply chain, it can bring a lot of new opportunities to printing enterprise. Early start in the printing industry on a large scale using ink-jet printing is a branch of the advertising printing; ; Visual communication field. With the launch of inkjet technology, a lot of silk screen printing plant began using large-format inkjet printing to produce short version live, in order to reduce their production costs. Advertising is still the inkjet printing an important market, but along with the other application matures, its share in the market share falling. In 2009, advertising accounted for about 70 of the total inkjet market share. 5%, and by the year 2014 and 2019, it is in the inkjet market share will fall to 58, respectively. 7% and 46%. Inkjet technology advantage is able to non-contact imaging, which makes people in a printing system, ink, and the choice of substrates with greater flexibility. Inkjet printer can in almost any printing on substrates, including the irregular shape of the object. This for the application of inkjet technology in packaging field laid a good foundation, and packaging market during the period of 2014 to 2019, the average annual growth rate will reach 15. 9%, and has huge potential. Inkjet printing, was born in China's market demand inkjet printing technology has been more than seven years, globally active with numerous inkjet printing equipment manufacturers, especially the strong demand for new technology. In this context, a growing number of inkjet printing equipment manufacturing companies choose to set up shop in China, also makes the market more competitive. Then,, highlighting the market has become saturated? Inkjet printing market is still only in its early development stage, is not a mature market, needs further development.
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