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In order to cater to market development, inkjet printers are widely used in the beverage packaging industry

by:Arojet     2021-07-27
Recently, with the continuous development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for alcohol and beverages is also increasing. my country's alcohol and beverage industry has entered a stage of rapid development. The beverage and beverage industries have become the pillar industries of my country's national economy. Because each beverage package must be marked with relevant information such as the production date and shelf life of the product, the rise of the domestic beverage industry has driven the vigorous development of the coding and marking industry. Before the creation of non-contact continuous inkjet printers, screen printers, pad printers and even more primitive mechanical roller punches were often used to complete printing. The consequence of doing this is poor text clarity, time-consuming and hard work, low production efficiency, and the quality of the product is losing more and more customers and consumers due to low printing quality, so it is urgent to improve the equipment of the predecessors to replace them. The emergence of inkjet printers has dealt with the defects of traditional marking equipment and brought about the transformation of the skills of marking printing in various industries. In recent years, beverage packaging materials have become more diversified, and inkjet printer skills have also been rapidly developed. Because inkjet printers require different types of inks, the current inkjet printers on the market have been able to meet the needs of cans, plastic bottles, Printing on various materials such as composite flexible packaging. This shows that the widespread use of inkjet printers in the beverage industry is indeed the general trend!
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