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In July China printers, inkjet printers market report market report _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
In July 2012, numerous household type laser printer, let originally in the market to occupy the mainstream status of ink-jet printer situation is becoming increasingly difficult. But compared to laser printers, inkjet printers with low price and the advantage of color printing, it is still so many print the users choice. In July, 2012, Canon and HP brand ranked top three, R230 become a great concern of the market inkjet printer products. Report point pattern of brand awareness: to 44. Focus 0% proportion occupy brand top, Canon and HP in second and third respectively. Products focus on pattern: commercial product number, paragraph 27; The product list, R230 to 10. The attention of a 3% win percentage. Parameters: type of photo products focus on scale, focus on residential and commercial type ratio declined; Split type ink cartridge to occupy the market mainstream, attention scale up to 64. 6%; Price of one thousand yuan of above products with an increase in attention. Case analysis - Canon: 1-2012 In July, Canon overall rising trend; Split type ink cartridges on more than seventy percent of the market; 500 yuan and the following products favored by the market. A, brand focus on pattern occupy the top brands list in July 2012 China ink-jet printer on the market, with 44. Focus 0% proportion leading brand list, become a great concern of the market brand inkjet printer. Canon ranked second, pay attention to proportion of 35. 6%. HP to 20. 2% of the proportion to third in the list. Lenovo in fourth, focus on ratio of 0. 2%. Canon and HP focuses on proportion in the brand list, remains, and focus on proportion compared last month rose by 2. 6%. As a proportion of the second Canon attention is down slightly, or an increasing gap between it and the name. The attention of HP proportion fell 0. 8%, to 20. 2%. Second, the product focus pattern ( A) Product number quantity in July 2012, the inkjet printer on the market in China, the number of products sold, to 27. Canon and HP have 14 product. While lenovo commercial product quantity is little, only 1. ( 2) Product ranking R230 into product list in July, 2012, Chinese ink jet printer market products focus on the list, the issue of R230 current top the second, focus on ratio of 10. 3%. Canon iP1180 relegated to the second, focus on a ratio of 7. 8%. HP's HP1000 due to the low price, new price is 190 yuan only, so it has received extensive attention of the market, the current focus on ratio of 7. 0%, the third row in the list. 5 product list from the perspective of the brand distribution of products, a total of three brands of 10 in current product list. There are 5 product list, be on the product quantity of brand. Canon, followed by the product number is 4. The remaining 1 product from HP. From the perspective of the type of product, 6 listed product positioning for photo printer, visible photo printer more attention by the market. ( 3) Focus on product type photo type proportional rise in terms of the types of products, focus on photo printer has more than half of the market, focus on the proportion of 53. 0 up 9%, compared to last month. 1%. The proportion of household types of products focus on fell 3 last month. 0%, 39. 8%. The proportion of commercial printer attention has also dropped last month, 20. 9%. The Internet
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