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In Chinese printing market, color change can become a formidable obstacle, investigate its reason is difficult to control the high cost of consumables late

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
Color printing costs are reasonably high? Compared to many enterprise IT operations IT dads have encountered such a problem. Whether it is suitable for industry users of large color composite machine, laser machine or household color printers, users consumables procurement needs to face a high price. Home inkjet market, in particular, has been losing money machine sell consumables, money circle, also led to different breed on the market the compatible consumables, and confusion for consumers, it will be very hard to get the right products and services, in 2015 China's inkjet market will have what change? Inkjet market three cent world wireless applications become China's new demand inkjet market as a whole on the three points in the pattern of the world, including HP, Canon, and occupy the most markets, with lexmark introduced in the last few years the Chinese market, the followed is the remaining brothers and associate the two companies, one big reason is the low price competition pressure industry survival. Current inkjet triumvirate of each has advantages, such as HP as the early industry, long dominated at a low price and brand the consumer inkjet market; For, with unique ink bin type products, broke the circle, ink expensive quickly attracted a large low users, over the past few years and gradually into the commercial market, it's a pity that the machine itself, the price is not cheap; Whereas Canon rely on excellent print quality to SLR printer has an important role in the photo printing market, and brothers inkjet product line in the recent years has also launched residential and commercial products, has become the trend of market power. The past in the home inkjet market, machine sea tactics become market norm. An inkjet printer's price has been compressed to the limit, or even the phenomenon of supplies to send printer. So we can see a monofunctional inkjet printer to hundreds of yuan, less than the price of a set of four color original ink consumption, users often face after buy the machine is not playing. Use or relatively low compatible ink, but were unable to guarantee the quality of itself, and inferior material will seriously damage the printer. As China ink-jet printing market development, users and needs further refinement, each product segmentation by differentiation the demand of the market, changes the past simple price war mode. In 2014, almost all of the ink jet products are equipped with wireless network function, even the NFC wireless printing, direct function, brings more portable mobile printing experience. In terms of enterprise users, mobile printing is to become a standard function, and the mobile office has become the enterprise applications market new breaking point, not just the printing devices, include firewall, software and server, and so on. Through application software of the portable printing experience, to further promote the market expanding. Large capacity toner cartridge products continues to grow, the cost of the late valued 2014 inkjet market in China which focus on again? In 2014, according to IDC report shows China printing peripherals sales rose slightly, but the market demand tends to be stable, subject to the reduce of enterprise needs, lead to the entire market in a saturated state. Large capacity of the cartridge products accounted for in the inkjet printer in China market has reached 29. 7%, while at the same time have wireless printing function models ink-jet printing in the market share of the market in China is 17. 4%, compared to 2013 increased by 4. 3%. Predictable, with the percentage of SOHO and SMB users to buy inkjet machine, and the improving of the user requirements for leaflet printing costs, the future wireless smart, high-capacity ink cartridges products will become an important growth point. So what is the large capacity toner cartridge products? For general inkjet printing equipment, a set of ink while labeling capacity nearly thousand, but the actual coverage are hundreds of different output, even if the cheapest 4 original ink color also need a wupan yuan. If the client perform is bigger, then face later consumables. In order to satisfy the different demands a large number of printing, many manufacturers introduced a equipped with high-capacity ink products, such as a single ink capacity in more than 2000 pages, and black and white ink capacity is bigger, whether it is color or black and white printing output, reduce the ink change frequency to reduce the cost. Another is a high-capacity ink printing ink warehouse type, representing the ink storehouse type products. Has been aimed at the problem of high price of the original ink, users often connect the printer into the ink supply mode, compatible with low-cost consumable materials, to reduce the overall color printing costs. Even for the modified but also brought a series of problems, broke the cartridges enclosed design, performance is not stable, easy to leak plugging, and poor printing quality, vendor is not provide maintenance support for the modified machine. In view of the low cost as the core of the user, has introduced a type of residential and commercial inkjet ink storehouse all-in-one PC, can be understood as the supply system, first in the performance is guaranteed, late makes the users of the product cost reduction; Secondly also affected the compatible consumables market. As for why can do the ink storehouse type printing products, printing technology is largely adopting micro voltage, do not need to ink heating in use process, for different brand ink compatible ability stronger than HP, Canon. So we can see that the ink storehouse type printing products launched a black single cost 1 minute, 5, color is only 4 points 3, provides a new choice for inkjet market.
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