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In addition UV inkjet digital printing development prospect _ digital printing _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
Total global culture paper printing declining in recent years, but the label packaging printing industry is still growing, label products are everywhere in life, such as food, beverages, daily necessities, electronics, home appliances, etc. , from business to industry, whether to eat,, equipment or products, all need labels and packaging printing. In mobile phones, for example, the global mobile phone 4 billion units, in the domestic mobile phone users has reached 6. 800 million, mobile phone inside the tag, mobile phone boxes have greatly small different labels, a cell phone alone to feed a lot of different size printing, this has significant contribution for the economy as a whole, is pregnant with enormous business opportunities.

drew the exhibition held in Germany in 2008 and 2009, Beijing printing show, you can clearly see the new era of printing; ; Digital printing. As one of the main leading manufacturers of printing related equipment in the world of AGFA AGFA, also published on the venue two new UV inkjet digital printing presses Anapurna ( Chinese called: love boehner) Dotrix and agfa customers around the world has entered the age of digital printing, agfa UV inkjet digital printing features; ; Paper, film, labels, variable data, green printing.

the above two devices more in March of this year the European digital printing association EDP ( EuropeanDigital PressAssociation) Award:

Anapurna: 2009 entry-level flat UV inkjet digital printing machine.

Dotrix: 2009 industrial printing machine.

the advantage of UV inkjet digital printing

UV inkjet digital printing way is to use UV ink jet printing directly on the printed object, and then in less than a second time through UV ultraviolet irradiation for UV ink drying on the printed object directly, to achieve instant dry. Applicable printed material such as paper, film, PE, PET, PP, OPP, BOPP, PVC, acrylic, glass, wood, ceramic tile, etc. , as a result of UV inkjet digital printing technology is with no direct contact between printed matter, broadly speaking, in addition to air and water, as long as the printed materials can add UV inkjet digital printing presses, can be directly sprayed printed up.

UV inkjet digital printing machine in Europe and America over the past two years has fairly good market application, the main reasons are as follows:

1. VOCFree。 That does not contain volatile organic compounds.

VOC ( VolatileOrganic化合物) Volatile organic compounds.

2。 A wide range of printed material.

3。 Friendly to environment and human body.

4。 Reduce the printing process.

5。 Digital process, no need plate making, production in time, zero inventory, suitable for a small amount of diversity, in line with the current trend of printing.

6。 The height of the label printing industry, packaging industry growth.

in the concept of green printing, printing is toward the development of environmental protection, such as recycled paper and soy inks, and UV inkjet technology to remove the height of the previous solvent to evaporate into the printing production environment, not only friendly to the environment, at the same time more useful site operating personnel's health.

market field widely, such as electronics, building materials industry, interior renovation, advertising, printing, etc. In the aspect of material use, the drum or documents Zhang Jun, sharply the width of 1. There is no special limit 6 m, length. Printed material thickness can be up to 4. 5 cm. Ink and resolution, black, blue, red, yellow, pink, pale, additive white ink, or light oil, resolution up to 1440 dpi. Stand-alone capacity fast 23 square meters per hour. A printer without plate can be directly in the paper, coated paper, gelatine printing paper such as variable data printing, from 20 micron to 600 micron, thick paper, film, can also be printed PE, PP, PVC soft packing materials, such as have postpress belling, slitting machine, mill type, the function such as cutting sheet, no longer need a bunch of different equipment to do different work, on-line printing the last time, after processing in the same department with high efficiency, it is no longer a dream, in the AGFA AGFA. AGFA AGFA DotrixUV inkjet digital printing machine is a machine on the market at present on the UV inkjet digital printing machine equipped with who Flexo unit of the printer, the digital printing equipment is high flexible, plus who Flexo advantage, can from paper to soft packing material direct printing of various kinds of different materials. The equipment adopts the mandrel feed with an open-book and rewinding mechanism, with the material width of up to 650 mm, there is no limit to the length, either all base paper or the whole roll of soft packaging materials, can print to the whole volume is printed materials used up.

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