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In 2006, inkjet all-in-one products into families. As the PC and digital cameras, and other products widely used in the family, family use

by:Arojet     2021-05-03
Door for document printing, copy, photo printing and scanning and fax demand continues to increase, as a result, the gap between the price and the single-function products, consumables prices lower, inkjet all-in-one products began to enter into family. Major companies will be strategic focus to the multi-function equipment market hot easy to attract the attention of the manufacturer, as a result, lenovo, samsung and other manufacturers, in the third quarter of 2006 has introduced price one thousand yuan less than inkjet all-in-one products, to join the market increasingly fierce competition in the low-end machine. In 2007 China's printer market as a whole without too big change, including 9 rise in shipments. 6%, sales growth of 17. Average 6%, the overall performance. In 2007 China's printer market impressive thing is laser printer shipments than inkjet printers, as a result, the laser printer instead of an inkjet printer market leadership, as China's printing peripherals market main products. In recent years, ink-jet printer has been the main Chinese printing peripherals market. However, as prices continue to reduce, the laser printer is gradually accepted by the general commercial clients, sales grow, inkjet printers there is an obvious decline of market share. Printer market continues to steady growth, China in 2008, as a whole is not too bright spot and change, as in the novel as quiet on the eve of an approaching storm, let a person hard to believe that the financial tsunami is sweeping the world, China will also encounter cold printer market. The beginning of 2009, under the influence of the financial crisis, the purchasing power of the printing peripherals products significantly reduced, the overall market experiencing severe tests. According to some research data shows that 2009 years ago, three quarters of China's printing peripherals market weakness, market shipments have is less than 2008 years ago, three quarters year-on-year, only market supply and demand has rebounded in the fourth quarter, shipments and rose to 31 respectively. 4% and 17. 4%, and led to the 2009 China print peripherals overall market rose slightly, shipments of about 9. 88 million, compared with 2008 rose 2. 0%. Under tough economic times, users are more likely to buy all kinds of printing products low prices, manufacturers are the depreciate sales promotion activities to promote sales, so the overall printing peripherals sales lower than in 2008. 3. 6%. Business inkjet and laser printing products competing for ink-jet printing products manufacturer, HP in 2009 clearly puts forward the concept of business inkjet, and launched a series of inkjet products for small and medium-sized enterprises and other business users, including printers and multi-function equipment. Look from the product, in order to meet the needs of office users, this type of inkjet products on the output speed is greatly ascend, also no less compared with the ordinary laser printer. In addition, compared with the laser printers, color output has become a trader spray products and strong competitive advantage. Recovery in the first half of 2010, the overall economic environment for China's printing peripherals brought great promote the recovery of the market demand, the printer on the market channels and industry sales compared with 2009, present a sharp rebound. Each big manufacturer invested in 2010 and has more energy and money to push the sales, so China print 2010 peripherals market growing faster. According to a market research firm, according to data from the 2010 China printing peripherals market overall shipments of about 13. 06 million, 2009, compared to the overall shipments increased by 31. 7%, year-on-year growth of 26 sales. 8%, China's printer market finally clearer sky. Low-end product shipments of strong growth in early 2009, under the influence of the financial crisis, the purchasing power of the printing peripherals products decreased obviously. Enterprises or individuals even buy, its budget expenditure are greatly reduced. In 2010, both inkjet or laser products, low price models have good market demand, sales have rebounded sharply. Industry project impetusing printer market growth in order to cope with the effects of the economic crisis, the government in infrastructure, manufacturing and other industries invested large amounts of money drive economic growth. Procurement from government, financial, telecommunications and other industries of laser products sales played an important role in promoting. Government procurement and industry project procurement effectively guarantee the printing peripherals market steady growth in 2010. Strengthen the channel management and extension in the first half of 2010 printing peripherals on the market, the company manufacturers of channels devoted more attention to the management and extension, strengthen the management of the channel, a greater degree of guarantee the interests of channels, and stable development, so as to realize the manufacturer, channel win-win situation. In addition, in the first half of 2010 the expansion of many new channels, especially in the 4 - Level 6 cities, most manufacturers have added a channel, a good drive the growth of this part of the market. Printer enough staying power, China in 2011 is expected to continue to grow in 2011 quarter has been in the past, China's printer the overall market is still maintained a high growth, each brand is also actively participate in market competition, keep coming up with their own characteristics to attract attention. HP's cloud print, samsung's wireless black and white printing and ink, and so on are all printer market has brought vitality, special achievements brand, is expected in 2011, China's printer market brands will give full play to their specialty.
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