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Impression: push new inkjet label printing, label printing machine

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
Impression technology co. , LTD. Is a equipment manufacturers from Sydney, Australia. The company main business is the development, the production of digital printing equipment. In IPEX exhibition, the company introduced its new inkjet label printing machine, this is the company's RapidX1 digital printing machine. RapidX1 digital printing machine using the Memjet printing engine technology, it is a roll to roll printing system, its printing width of 12 inches ( 305mm) Rolling system, the option automatically closed. This product has five 8. 5 inches wide of the print head, equipped with optical cutting positioning system and tag stripping system, the high printing accuracy reached 1600 * 1600 dpi. In order to ensure the long version of the printing business, the digital printing machine for each print head is equipped with a large 250 ml of the cartridge, and can realize non-stop with ink. This machine big paper roll width is 220 mm, small width is 50 mm. RapidX1 don't need a set of line can be printed on the row material, when 1600 * 800 dpi printing precision, high printing speed of 12 inches per second. On IPEX exhibition, Impression technology company also exhibited the company launched another of digital printing machine; ; RapidX2, and many postpress equipment. Impression technology companies hope that through the whole series of products display, label printing enterprise enters a new era of digital processing. Labels and labeling
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