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Huarui brand inkjet CTP printing fashion brand _CTP

by:Arojet     2021-05-01

on the 7th Beijing international printing technology, pruitt, the company will be high-tech inkjet CTP technology introduced to many businesses and visitors. They the exhibition huarui brand inkjet CTP, is one of their products. It covers the essence of today's high-tech ink-jet CTP technology, the development direction of the printing. In the level of science and technology changes with each passing day today, pruitt, advocate walked out of the optical imaging, to enter the digital! The idea, to make them into the elite ranks, always in the inexorable supremacy.

huarui brand inkjet CTP compared to the traditional printing technology, has the following four aspects of significant advantages.

1, the system low cost

system of a complete set of equipment price is quite cheap, CTP system than the current price is much lower, even lower than the price of a laser phototypesetter;

2, low cost

plate plate making fees and costs are pretty cheap. The price close to the traditional PS plate, CTP plate is far lower than the current price; The plate making cost, and it also far lower than traditional plate-making process and the current CTP system;

3, plate-making process simple

compared with the traditional plate-making technology, saves the film, artificial puzzle, plate burning, dirty, such as multiple processes, the whole process of prepress process is digital, all before printing work can be done on the computer, has been greatly increased speed and accuracy;

4, totally green

due to canceled the film, thus completely eliminate the serious pollution in the process of typesetting, at the same time, it is no rinse plate, and avoids the current CTP plate in the pollution problem in the process of plate making, is the real environmental protection products.

this product, which immediately at the show strong reactions, high praise, become a fashion brand printing industry.

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