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HP inkjet web press optimization Dayto _HP inkjet web press, supply chain PRINT13

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
Recently, the PRINT13 held in the United States, is buzzing. As most of the printing industry, with HP products exhibition. Dayton to optimize its industrial chain, bought two HP inkjet web press. During PRINT13, two HP inkjet web press in Dayton, the company said it is in order to optimize the supply chain, increase production efficiency. Trusted world health care, financial services, manufacturing, and the development of the retail industry, its unique insights on the market, and the working process, and communication solutions, its diverse customer base is favored by its customers. The company nearly WorkflowOne acquisitions, which not only laid its customer base and opened up a new growth opportunities. HPT230 and T400 color inkjet rotary press investment will enable the company expanded significantly in the market share, and to provide more comprehensive services to our customers. As we invest in growing, volume and speed of transformation in ascension, we are looking forward to digital printing machine supplier has decided to cooperate with our Trusted, executive vice President said Greg greif, HP show interest and set up the partnership with us. The new HP inkjet rotary press will help us to better meet the needs of customers, increase customer loyalty, make them participate in the we are going to carry out variable data printing. Using HPT400 and T230 colour inkjet rotary press, StandardRegister from a traditional printing patterns into a print-on-demand, simplify the supply chain of its customers. The new printing machine with high quality, four color output, broad compatibility and other advantages, but also can reduce the overall cost, will help the company address a wider range of all kinds of customers' requirements. In addition, StandardRegister can economy effectively fulfill a qualified variable to a communication, to provide documentation of messaging, color and personalized, in order to increase their. HPT400 and T230 color inkjet rotary press is equipped with advanced nano pigment ink, inkjet print head technology and support a higher speed, but does not affect image quality. StandardRegister technical team also includes HPIndigo digital printing presses, HP HPScitex ink HPDesignjet large-format printing solutions and HP thermal ink jet technology. HP's vice President and general manager JanRiecher said in this competitive market, print service providers have been meet the challenge, constantly looking for new ways to differentiate their products, and to develop their business, as the new HPT410 and T230 the use of color inkjet rotary press, StandardRegister could really change its working process, make it become more affordable. Good production line is rely on the good quality production machinery and equipment. As the world's health care, financial services, manufacturing, and the development of the retail enterprises must have a production system. China packaging printing machinery network
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