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How to judge the use effect of imported inkjet printers?

by:Arojet     2021-07-29
Whether it can be perfectly connected with the existing production line, this is very important. Even if you can meet your requirements in terms of quality, stability, adhesion, etc., but it cannot match the existing production line, it will be very troublesome to modify the production line after you buy it. The printing effect should be clear. If you need to print the company's LOGO or require clear fonts, bar codes, etc., you need to choose a high-resolution inkjet printer. The performance of the machine must be stable and reliable. That is to say, the failure rate should be low, and the failure rate of the product should be understood through multiple channels. Some customers have purchased low-priced products with unstable performance due to lack of funds, which not only affected production but also caused trouble. Adhesion of inkjet printer ink. Some inkjet printers use water-based inks, which are only suitable for printing on permeable materials, but not for printing on non-permeable materials. For example, they are suitable for printing on paper and wood, and not suitable for printing on plastics and metals. Operation and maintenance should be simple and convenient. The current inkjet printer operation is basically very simple, but some imported inkjet printers do not have a Chinese interface, which will be a very troublesome problem for the operator. The use cost should be reasonable. That is, the cost of consumables should be economical and reasonable; if the production volume is large, it is better to choose a printer that can save the cost of consumables. Some inkjet printers are cheaper, but the cost of consumables is surprisingly expensive. High-quality after-sales service. To understand the manufacturer's after-sales service system, a complete service network and service system are necessary to ensure the normal use of the machine.
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