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How to choose a printer for electronic product label printing

by:Arojet     2021-07-24
Electronic product labeling is an important way for consumers to obtain product information, and it is a symbol of product quality for enterprises. It is bound to be closely related to the production, circulation, and distribution of products, and has a significant impact on the operation of enterprises. Electronic product label information is mainly identified by labeling and coding. Generally, the cost of labeling is several times higher than that of coding. Labeling requires not only batch printing of self-adhesive labels, but also labeling machines or manual labor. Labeling manually. Electronic product labels generally include LOGO, barcode, size, model, production date, batch number and manufacturer name, etc. These contents are clearly printed on the surface of electronic products. Only UV inkjet printers, laser inkjet printers, thermal foam inkjet printers It can be done by several kinds of coding equipment such as machine. Thermal foam inkjet printers and UV inkjet printers are both high-resolution inkjet printers, which can print high-quality barcodes; thermal foam inkjet printers have low initial investment, but high consumables cost during mass production, and in terms of printing quality , UV inkjet printer is even better. The laser printer has no consumables, long life, and can run in harsh environments. The marking effect is corrosion-resistant and prevents malicious tampering. However, laser engraving is prone to damage the surface of electronic products, and the definition of barcodes printed does not have high resolution printing. The printer is so good, and the laser printing speed is much slower when the content is more.
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