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How to achieve clear coding for wires, cables or pipes? _Identify parts

by:Arojet     2021-07-24
Printing codes and logos of wires, cables or pipes are often the indicators that best reflect your brand reputation and product quality. The clarity and appearance of logos, production codes, time stamps, barcodes, and other signs all affect the perceived quality. Wire, cable or pipe production requires more coding speed, stability and reliability than any other industry. The efficiency of the production line and the competitiveness of the products are tied to this. Oulance has focused on product marking for 20 years, and can provide more reasonable product coding schemes, which can provide high-quality coding effects while operating stably for a long time. Inkjet printer manufacturers provide rule-based flexible coding and network communication management for the wire, cable, and pipe industries with an ever-increasing number of codes to ensure that the correct code is always printed at the appropriate position of the corresponding product. The automatic small character inkjet printer adopts industrial aesthetics modular design, a new generation of operating system, with high-quality, standard two arbitrary switching printing modes to meet the needs of different industries. The equipment uses a separate adding pump to add ink and solvent, which effectively improves the stability of the ink system. The optimized and upgraded print head integrates modules such as heating, phase detection and amplification, positive air pressure output, high voltage insulation and print head valve suitable for pigment ink, which improves the stability of the print head system. Inkjet printer manufacturers provide wire, cable, pipe and other industries with product identification solutions that are seamlessly integrated with the production line, which can maximize the efficiency and productivity of the production line.
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