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How to achieve better state inkjet ink in the transfer process? ,

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
In the digital printing, fabric printing, transfer printing fabric cuttings are divided into transfer printing and garment transfer printing. Cuttings in the process of the transfer printing, transfer printing and garment transfer printing method is roughly the same. That in the process of heat transfer, how to make the inkjet heat transfer paper in transfer printing process to achieve better state? 1, please do transfer printing samples before batch transfer, to determine the influence of color transfer printing machine temperature and time is appropriate. 2, before the transfer, to ensure that basic dry inkjet heat transfer paper, lest appear transfer is incomplete, the phenomenon such as stain. 3, even before transfer to blow inkjet heat transfer paper pattern and fabric finishing, remove the fabrics and inkjet heat transfer paper confetti, cilia and other attached objects, so as to avoid the clutter in inkjet heat transfer paper and fabric printing defect. 4, ghosting is often the result of linking piece apart too fast on the platen airflow caused by adsorption inkjet heat transfer paper, then should adjust small throttle valve to make flat hot stamping machine cylinder ( Or oil cylinder) Slow to separate, avoid transfer of inkjet heat transfer paper falling after being sucked up to cause secondary sublimation transfer printing and double. Avoid ghosting can dip in water at the four corners of inkjet heat transfer paper adhesive transfer printing fabric or choose inkjet heat transfer paper. 5, because the bottom of liner materials ( Cotton cloth, sponges, cardboard, etc. ) After moisture absorption ink accumulation will lead to transfer when too much water vapor, make the pattern of transfer printing cloth color light and local water aerosol striate, so before the transfer printing and transfer printing process often empty hot pressing a few times, liner on the cotton moisture evaporates, if conditional word can change in time, dry liner material in order to avoid the happening of this kind of situation. 6, plate transfer printing process should pay attention to the safe operation, it is strictly prohibited to dig its hand deeper into hot platen, avoid high temperature burns. How to achieve better state inkjet ink in the transfer process?
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